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Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 8 January 1927

About the electronic version

Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 8 January 1927

Author: Beaglehole, John Cawte

Creation of machine-readable version:

Creation of digital images: Margaret Mackley

Conversion to TEI.2-conformant markup: Ruth Glassey

Publicly accessible


Extent: ca. 39 kilobytes

Illustrations have been included from the original source.


Every effort has been made to preserve the Māori macron using unicode.

Some keywords in the header are a local Electronic Text Collection scheme to aid in establishing analytical groupings.

Revisions to the electronic version

  • 8 September 2004
    Colin Doig
    Added name tags to various names of people/places/organisation/titles.

  • 2 September 2004
    Jason Darwin
    General document-wide corrections: changed hyphens to em-dashes; added [orig] tags around all words hyphenated over line-breaks; changed non-monetary fractions to true fractions; specified full expansion for all abbreviations; changed hyphen in numeric ranges to en-dashes; specified supralinear additions where they appear in the text of the letter; ensured all indented paragraphs are tagged [p rend="indent"]. Corrected text on page 1: changed "the Johnsons where" to "the Johnsons' where"; changed "ordinary third class" to "ordinary 3rd class"; changed "tea—cloths" to "tea-cloths". Corrected text on page 2: changed "have met. I should" to "have met, I should". Corrected text on page 3: changed "birth—control" to "birth-control"; changed "make depreciating but conciliatory" to "make deprecating but consolatory". Corrected text on page 4: changed "more of which" to "none of which". Corrected text on page 5: changed "Such as nice letter" to "Such a nice letter"; changed "[unclear: busying]" to "buzz". Corrected text on page 6: changed "Archilles" to "Achilles". Corrected text on page 7: changed "[unclear: Inge's]" to "Inge's". Corrected text on page 8: changed "[unclear: Os] —" to "of"; changed "over the access" to "on the Access". Corrected text on page 9: changed "for [unclear: Hesveris Sake]" to "For Heaven's Sake". Corrected text on page 11: changed "flash stapes" to "flash stape"; changed "he incited me" to "he invited me"; changed "met a person" to "met a parson". Corrected text on page 12: changed "buzz round to Bun-pus'" to "buzz round to Bum-pus'"; changed "[unclear: Hansmans']" to "Housman's".

  • 1 March 2004
    Jamie Norrish
    Altered TEI Header: added extent of electronic file, altered format of XML, fixed respStmts for fileDesc.

  • 9 January 2004
    Jamie Norrish
    Altered spacing of markup.