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Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 07-10-1927

About the electronic version

Letter from John Cawte Beaglehole to his Mother, 07-10-1927

Author: Beaglehole, John Cawte

Creation of machine-readable version: Virginia Gow, New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Creation of digital images: Vanita Lala, New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Conversion to TEI.2-conformant markup: Virginia Gow, New Zealand Electronic Text Centre


Publicly accessible


Extent: ca. 29 kilobytes

Illustrations have been included from the original source.


Every effort has been made to preserve the Māori macron using unicode.

Some keywords in the header are a local Electronic Text Collection scheme to aid in establishing analytical groupings.

Revisions to the electronic version

  • 4 November 2004
    Jason Darwin
    General document-wide corrections: changed hyphens to em-dashes; added [orig] tags around all words hyphenated over line-breaks; changed non-monetary fractions to true fractions; specified full expansion for all abbreviations; changed hyphen in numeric ranges to en-dashes; specified supralinear additions where they appear in the text of the letter; ensured all indented paragraphs are tagged [p rend="indent"]. Corrected text on page 1: changed "[unclear: worn]" to "worn"; changed "your letter, as" to "your letter; as". Corrected text on page 2: changed "wages me to believe" to "urges me to believe"; changed "Daddy's or, say," to "Daddy's on, say,"; changed "[unclear: mislead]" to "involved"; changed "[del: Still]" to "Still"; changed "profitable chain" to "profitable chair"; changed "[unclear: Stakes]" to "States"; changed "[unclear: portion]" to "pension"; changed "both off a few" to "both off on a few"; changed "time honoured" to "time-honoured"; Corrected text on page 3: changed "[unclear: Jaws]" to "[unclear: Jews]"; changed "sisters in law" to "sisters-in-law"; changed "luck if his" to "lucky if his"; changed "though hew" to "rough-hew"; changed "[unclear: wagon]" to "razor"; changed "[unclear: Carl] & [unclear: Freud]" to "Kant & Freud". Corrected text on page 4: changed "dare say Fronnie wouldn't always" to "dare say Frannie would always"; changed "[unclear: Unspotted]" to "[unclear: Unspoiled]"; changed "I notice that Fronnie" to "I notice that Frannie"; changed "[unclear: right]" to "right"; changed "[unclear: Trinley]" to "Trimley". Corrected text on page 5: changed "[unclear: Bertrelli's]" to "Bertorelli's"; changed "buggy over to Sweden" to "buzz over to Sweden"; changed "[unclear: stuff]" to "stuff"; changed "[unclear: Frinley]" to "Trimley". Corrected text on page 6: changed "THough I must" to "Though I must"; changed "first day got" to "first day & got"; Corrected text on page 7: changed "Unfortunately the vacation" to "Unluckily the vacation"; changed "[unclear: reading]" to "[unclear: running]"; changed "[unclear: Marais]" to "Marais"; changed "[unclear: dope]" to "dope"; changed "shimmerings of a style" to "glimmerings of a style"; Corrected text on page 8: changed "[unclear: Bernice]" to "Berrie"; changed "To return" to "In return". Corrected text on page 9: changed "Unclear [unclear: B]" to "Uncle G"; changed "[unclear: lumps]" to "lumps"; changed "cross-cutsaw" to "cross-cut saw"; changed "generally score;" to "generally scores;"; changed "Maz Richardson" to "Max Richardson"; changed "Chinese" to "Siamese". Corrected text on page 10: changed "The [unclear: Espiner]" to "then Espiner"; changed "[unclear: hogging]" to "hogging"; changed "[unclear: Nors]" to "Ross"; changed :[unclear: Dell]" to "de K"; changed "[unclear: Espiner]" to "Espiner"; changed "see anything on" to "see anything in"; changed "The concert which" to "The concert whirl"; changed "The lunch crowd" to "The Leuen crowd".