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[untitled figure] [untitled figure] American Dakotas flew prisoners from Germany AT SANDBOSTEL, NEAR BREMEN, GERMANY A WELLINGTON OF THE SQUADRON about to take off for Germany German officers examine the wreckage of an RAF Stirling shot down over Germany on 29 July 1942 Lunch from Red Cross parcels in a prisoner-of-war camp, Germany MASS EVACUATION TO GERMANY MESS QUEUE FOR BRITISH CIVILIAN INTERNEES IN ILAG VIII, TOST, GERMANY New Zealanders shoot off flares to celebrate the end of the war with Germany NO FOOD PARCELS FOR THIS WORKING PARTY — A hut scene after transfer from Italy to Germany, drawn by A.G.Douglas during captivity OVERRUNNING GERMANY Prisoner-of-War and Internment Camps in Germany 1939-42 READY FOR EVACUATION FROM ITALY TO GERMANY, SEPTEMBER 1943 STALAG 383—SNOW, SLUSH AND SLEET — Winter in Germany, 1943-44 The British Empire has 40 million square kilometres...Germany, 600,000. It is quite clear who desires to conquer the world. — Adolf Hitler THE PUNISHMENT FORTRESS OF CAMPO PG 5, GAVI, ITALY — Behind the bars is Captain C.N.Armstrong, MC, who escaped from Germany in 1944 Three of these men are naval airmen from the Rangitane; the fourth is a Leading Seaman from the Port Hobart. They were prisoners of war in Germany


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