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Frederick Revans Chapman

Lawyer, judge, ethnologist.

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Fig. 185.—C. D. Barraud, Esq. Photo by courtesy Sir F. R. Chapman Fig. 197.—Mrs. H. S. Chapman. By courtesy Sir F. R. Chapman] (See p. 339.) Fig. 211.—Sir James Hector, M.P., K.C.M.G., F.R.S. By courtesy Sir F. R. Chapman] Fig. 241.—In 1844–5, money became so scarce that it was found necessary by the Government to resort to the issue of Debentures, and these printed pieces of paper were accepted by the settlers as currency until after the arrival of Captain Grey as Governor. Specimens of some of these are in the possession of Sir F. R. Chapman. Blocks for shilling and sixpence respectively were made by Mr. J. H. Marriott. The latter were shaped like a fish Fig. 307.—Foundation Members of the N.Z. Geographic Advisory Board, founded in 1924. The names are (sitting): Mr. W. T. Neill, late Surveyor-General of N.Z. and representative for N.Z. of the Royal Geographical Society, London; The Venerable Archdeacon Herbert Williams (Gisborne); and Mr. Elsdon Best, F.N.Z.I., ethnologist; (Standing): Mr. Louis E. Ward, clerk-draughtsman. Lands and Survey Department (Hon. Sec.); Sir Frederick Chapman (Knight Bachelor); Mr. Johannes C. Andersen, F.N.Z.I. (Alexa… Fig. 36—Key Map of Lambton Harbour, drawn by Mr. W. G. Harding from the original in Sir F. R. Chapman's possession Fig. 98.—Homewood, Karori, 1849. The residence of Mr. Justice H. S. Chapman, and birthplace of Ernest, Arthur, Catherine, and Sir F. R. Chapman. Photo from a painting by C. D. Barraud, Esq., an old friend of the family. The property included a portion of the Cemetery area From an oil-painting by C. D. Barraud] — An Early Colonial Home


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