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USS General Randall

A moment of anticipation and apprehension for the Polish children as the USS General Randall, their home for the past two weeks, docks in Wellington on 1 November 1944. This photo is a still from the film Red Cross nurse Mollie Baoumgren escorts a group of children (including Władysława Kubiak, left) from the USS General Randall in Wellington to a waiting train for the ride to Pahiatua on 1 November 1944. This was the final leg to safety after an almost five-year ordeal of war, misery and exile from Poland for the young mostly orphaned children The New Zealand soldiers returning home from the war on the USS General Randall helped to look after the children on the two-week voyage from Mumbai, India The USS General Randall normally carried troops between Bombay and San Diego. In October 1944, while carrying New Zealand and Australian soldiers home from the Middle East, it was able to provide transport for 733 children and 102 adult guardians to Wellington, New Zealand. It was finally decommissioned in 1961 Two boys sitting on the ship's torpedo. Stanisław Manterys (left) and Michał Petrus (right) upon the USS General Randall's arrival in Wellington. An American crewman looks on


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