Title: Sport 6

Editor: Fergus Barrowman

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, April 1991, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 6: Autumn 1991


page 174


Guy Allan lives in Auckland.

Jenny Bornholdt spent July-October 1990 in Europe with the assistance of a QEll Arts Council travel grant. She has published two collections of poetry, This Big Face and Moving House.

Alan Brunton: Red Mole writer; returned to NZ in 1988 after several years in the USA.

Nigel Cox is the author of Waiting for Einstein and Dirty Work. He is the 1991 Katherine Mansfield Fellow in Menton.

Laurie Duggan was born in Melbourne in 1949. He has published seven books of poems, the most recent being The Ash Range (1987), a documentary poem, The Epigrams of Martial (1989), translations/versions, and Blue Notes (1990).

Grant Duncan, who lives in Auckland, spent part of 1990 in Siena.

Michael Gifkins will be taking part in a reunion of past Katherine Mansfield Fellows at Menton in October. He is presently working on a novel.

Alison Glenny lives in Wellington.

Bernadette Hall's second book of poems, Of Elephants, etc, was published in 1990. She is Canterbury University's 1991 Writer in Residence.

Lloyd Jones works as freelance journalist; his second novel is Splinter.

Philip Kelly is a member of the Wellington Media Collective. He recently staged an exhibition, Culturall, in Auckland.

Elizabeth Knox is the author of After Z-Hour and Paremata.

Stuart McKenzie is a student of religion. He lives in Wellington.

Bill Manhire's new collection of poems, Milky Way Bar, is published in April 1990.

Sarah Maxey is a Wellington illustrator and designer.

Jeffrey Pettis lives in Dunedin.

Sugu Pillay is a Tamil Malaysian. She studied at Victoria University in the 1970s, and spent 1990 in Wellington on a writing holiday. 'The Chandrasekhar Limit' is her first short story.

Forbes Williams lives in Dunedin. His first book of short stories, My Little Eye, will be published by Victoria University Press.

The response to our travel issue has left us with a small, but welcome, problem: what to do with so much good material? ... Three issues of SPORT will be published in 1991.

All of the writing in this issue comes under the rubric 'travel'.

The next issue, a 'general' issue, will be published in July. Contributors will include: Damien Wilkins, Gregory O'Brien, Dinah Hawken, Fay Zwicky, Sara L. Knox, Elizabeth Smither, Murray Bail, Chris Else, Harry Kenidjack, Paola Bilbrough. There is still plenty of room; the deadline is 1 May.

SPORT 8, the issue for October 1991, will have as its theme 'food'; which we hope will be interpreted as freely or specifically as the writers in this issue have interpreted 'travel'. Deadline: 1 August.