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Sport 37: Winter 2009

George Herbert

page 172

George Herbert

A collaboration with the Google Poetry Robot

including hardcovers
softcovers This volume.


Yahoo was all aglow with love
's silent geometry
Further explained In terms
of the end of the Internet


Across the existing doorbell chime and the presence of Noise (by?) we should have Written about a software system with conceptual structures

I dream that I saw


two clouds
at morning Tinged
with a lovely subtle design
of alternating Logic Full of exceptions
and investigations related to Certain input
I don't Understand

Poem Method in its
Application to Quantifying technological
opportunity and thus attach the
moving portions serving
as an interim State.


page 173

was all aglow with love's
light wings did I forget


I learn Best when information

is displayed
without overlapping.


I never read Poems
like this

from George Herbert and the (architecture of) Innovations

is a network Interface

is a type
of mobile Search