Title: The Owners

Author: Helen Heath

In: Sport 41: 2013

Publication details: Fergus Barrowman, 2014, Wellington

Part of: Sport

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Sport 41: 2013


iii. Gordon

I used to be easy
before I got Ginger and Kelly
I used to be everybody’s
doormat but I’m not anymore, it’s all
about what I want now.
This is a Glock 40 calibre and this
a Tech 9mm, fires as fast
as you can pull the trigger and
this is a Mag 90, it’s basically
a cheap version of an AK47. 3 guns
2 girls.

page 242 I don’t like thongs or high heels or any
of that weird stuff.
It’s a turn-off to me, makes a woman
look like she’s been had by a hundred
different guys. I’ve found that relationships
with humans are only temporary
I’ve had that poster for 27 years
that car in the garage I’ve had my
whole life. I just get attached
to physical stuff.

The dolls are everything
to me. I’d rather live in a
cardboard box in a
frozen terrain than in the
biggest castle on the planet without
them. All the lies and deceit,
that’ll never happen again.

The only time I gotta do something
I don’t want is at the factory but
that’s just 40 hours a week. I go
to the store once a month, get my
supplies, that’s it. Other than that
I’m here, doing what I want
doing my thing.

I thought about it and I think
maybe I’ll have them
buried with me, after all I’m
pretty small and they’re not very
big. I think we’d all fit in
a slightly over-sized coffin. Then
we could all turn to dust