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Sport 43: 2015

Chris Price — Trick or treat

page 246

Chris Price

Trick or treat

it’s either a fire or a false alarm
either a flash flood or showerhead

it’s a black velvet band or death metal collar
an oil peak or a lone star ranger

it’s a hot-air balloon or a raft of dead jellyfish,
the trail of crumbs or the toasted sandwich

it’s the green flash or black spot
the hook or the parrot

the gavotte or the pogo
the marque or the logo

the belt-tightened airway
the snitch in the beltway—

hold or sell
kiss or tell
stare or blink
hood or wink



my air-guitar
your whammy-bar

page 247

my shell-less crab
your snatch and grab

I gargle you
you hector me
I pluck your carcass

you stitch me up
I dress you down
you hook my eye
unpick my gown

you stuff me with horsehair
upholster my armchair
I censor your letters
then tip off your betters

now you’ve puzzled my bruise
and I’ve tripped in your shoes
to the beat or the moon
the cow or the tune

so we split down the middle
my dish trumps your fiddle
we’re glued then we’re broken
all’s said and