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Letter from Francis Hall to John Gare Butler, August 1st, 1822

August 1st, 1822.

Dear Sir,

____From a hint lately received, I am led to believe that — and — think they have it in their power to recover the amount of rations, during the time they were employed building your house by contract. From past experience of the conduct of these men, I believe that now they have got their wages settled to their satisfaction for the time they were on their passage from New Zealand to Port Jackson, that they will be unprincipled enough to sue for this also.

As I was not present when the contract was entered into, I shall esteem it a favour, before my departure for New South Wales, if you will furnish me with every document in your power, calculated to resist so unjust a demand, in order that the Revd. Mr. Marsden may be prepared in the event of these wicked men bringing an action against him.

I am
Dear Sir,
Yours, etc.



To the Revd. Mr. Butler.