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Letter from Samuel Marsden to Josiah Pratt, September 20th, 1823

Rev. J. [sic: S.] Marsden to Rev. J. Pratt.

20th September, 1823.

Revd. and Dear Sir,

As it is probable that a letter may reach you from New Zealand before I can write to you from New South Wales, I have judged it prudent to drop you a few lines. I sailed from Port Jackson in the “Brampton,” with the Revd. Mr. Williams and family, and we arrived at the Bay of Islands on Sunday, August 3rd.…….

Mr. Kendall consented to return with me to Port Jackson. I took a passage for him and his family in the “Brampton,” and when the ship was ready, they all embarked. On Sunday, the 7th of Septem- page 297 ber, we attempted to get out of the harbour. There was a strong gale from the east. In working out, the ship missed stays, and was driven amongst the rocks, where she was wrecked. No lives were lost, tho' our situation was very awful. This was a very distressing calamity to all. The bottom of the vessel was soon beat out; so that we had no hopes of ever returning in the “Brampton.”…. . In a few days we were all landed again with our baggage, as the vessel did not go to pieces. We met with no loss excepting the ship. The natives behaved exceedingly well, and did not take from us the smallest particle.…. I shall send you the particulars from N.S. Wales. I had also Mr. Cowell and family on board. The whole number under my charge was sixteen Europeans and twelve natives. We have had a very anxious time.

I am, etc.,