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The Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks 1768–1771 [Volume Two]

5 (a) First draft of above, not sent

page 317

5 (a) First draft of above, not sent

[Commonwealth National Library Ms]

[the very] disagreable situation to which [your] Excellencys most unpresidented behaviour has reduced me makes it nescessary for me to state the facts relating to it in writing your excellency has before this been informd what it is that I ask and have thought proper to deny to me every particular of my request which I can not help attributing to some misinformation therefore take the liberty to repeat in writing that which before was only stated in words that as I can not beleive my ears when I am told that I am deny'd indulgences which no man in my situation was ever denyd before I may at least have the testimony of my eyes to assist in perswauding me of it

disagreable as it is for any man to declare his rank and consequence in his own countrey my situation makes it nescessary I am then a Gentleman and one of sufficient fortune to have fitted out at my own expence my part of this expedition which is intended to examine the Natural history of the Countries into which we shall go for the execution of which I have proper people of every denomination all which his Britannick majesty was gracious enough to allow every accomodation and convenience which this ship could afford in consideration of the use which such enquiries might be of to mankind in general

I ask therefore leave to go on shore taking with me proper people who may assist me in the collection and examination of such all trees shrubbs plants Beasts Birds fishes and insects as I may meet with the collection and examination of such-things being the only Business I have undertaken in this Voyage this is the only indulgence I want

It is therefore my wish and desire that I may in doing this be attended by any body your excellence shall name who may be eye witness to Every thing which I do and may serve to Convince your Excellency that nothing is meant in the Sending out of this ship but the promotion of Lerning in general

If your excellency should have any objection to my coming into the town or forts in its neighbourhood I here publickly declare that I have not the Least wish or desire to enter the walls of any of them my business is best done in places far removd from Men and houses wild and desart places a League or two from the town would suit my purposes much better there Nature is best to be seen in her primitive Beauty which alone I am desirous to study and enjoy.

I am now in his B majesties ship Endeav[our] laying in a ha[r]bour belonging to his Most Faithfull majesty and denied the liberty of going ashore and a treatment which I will venture to affirm no Subject of his Most faithfull Majesties ever met with before in any part of his Britannick majesties dominions nor did any Englishman before suffer in any harbour belonging to his Most faithfull Majesty

page 318

J Banks
F.R.S. & F.S.A.

Dated On board his Britannic Majestys
Ship of War, Endeavour; in the port of
Rio Janeiro
Novr 17. 1768 Ao IIImo Exmo Snre Dom Antonio Rolim Conde Vic Rey e Cappam General does Estados do Brazil.
I expect the favour of Yr Excellency's Answer without delay, as my future conduct whilst I remain in this harbour as well as the Reports I shall forward from hence to the King my Master, must intirely be regulated accordingly.