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George Arnold Wood Memorial Lectures

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George Arnold Wood Memorial Lectures

commemorate the first Challis Professor of History in the University of Sydney, who occupied the Chair from 1891 to 1928. The Wood Memorial Fund was established in 1929 and from 1949 it has supported a series of lectures given about every three years, embodying research in history — preferably Australian history.

  • The First Lecture: 19 September 1949
    • Professor F. L. W. Wood
    • The Historian in the Modern Community
    • (Out of print)
  • The Second Lecture: 23 September 1953
    • Professor J. M. Ward
    • Australia's First Governor-General, Sir Charles Fitzroy, 1851-1855
    • (Out of print)
  • The Third Lecture: 27 April 1955
    • Professor R. H. Tawney
    • Social History and Literature
    • (Out of print)
  • The Fourth Lecture: 7 May 1958
    • Professor G. S. Graham
    • 'Peculiar Interlude': The Expansion of England in a Period of Peace, 1815-1850
    • (Out of print)
  • The Fifth Lecture: 22 September 1965
    • Professor A. G. L. Shaw
    • Heroes and Villains in History: Governors Darling and Bourke in New South Wales
    • 32 Pages 50 cents
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