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Tuatara: Volume 3, Issue 2, August 1950

Classification of New Zealand Hepaticae

Classification of New Zealand Hepaticae.

Corrections to key in Tuatara, Vol. 3, No. 1.

p. 20, line 3, omit “of”.

p. 21, bottom line, for “air-chamber” read “air-chambers”.

p. 26, In Legends to Figures, 17, for Asterella australis × 16, read Asterella australis × 1½.

p. 26. Between 24 and 26 insert 25. Monoclea Forsteri with capsule splitting on one side only, ½ nat. size.


Further investigation has shown that Monoclea actually does have a 4-valved capsule, and in one exceptional instance all the adjacent margins of the valves had separated, Monoclea thus falling into line with the other genera of the sub-order Jungermanniales anacrogynae.

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