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Tuatara: Volume 3, Issue 3, November 1950



Evidences of Trans-Oceanic Dispersal of Plants to New Zealand John H. Davis
Peripatus—“Living Fossil” and “Missing Link” R. Wenzel
Some Recent Researches on the Soil Organic Cycle A. C. S. Wright
Collecting and Preserving Zoological Specimens J. E. Morton
New Zealand Terrestrial Isopoda D. E. Hurley
Index to Vols. 1-3

Editor: W. H. Dawbin; Asst. Editor: D. E. Hurley; Publisher: Dr. J. T. Salmon.

Address Editorial correspondence to the Editor, Zoology Department, V.U.C.; advertising and subscriptions to the Publisher, Box 1580, Wgton.

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