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Tuatara: Volume 16, Issue 1, April 1968



(This issue edited by J. W. Dawson)

The Tertiary Climate of New Zealand Issue

Paleotemperatures of the New Zealand Jurassic and Cretaceous R. N. Clayton and C. R. Stevens 3
Comments on Late Cretaceous Marine Climates in New Zealand and Adjacent Areas. P. Webb 8
Distribution of some Warm Water Benthic Forminifera in the N.Z. Tertiary. N. Deb. Hornibrook 11
Corals, Coral Reefs, and Paleotemperatures D. F. Squires 16
Cenozoic Marine Temperatures Indicated by the Scleractinian Coral Fauna of New Zealand. I. W. Keyes 21
The Calcareous Nannoplankton Evidence for New Zealand Tertiary Marine Climate A. R. Edwards 26
Planktonic Foraminiferida as Indicators of New Zealand Tertiary Paleotemperatures D. G. Jenkins 32
Tertiary Temperature Curves in New Zealand and Europe M. Schwarzbach 38
Oxygen Isotope Paleotemperatures from the Tertiary of New Zealand I. Devereux 41
Inferred Temperature Fluctuation at the Beginning of the Taranaki Epoch (Upper Miocene) P. Vella 45
Paleobotanical Evidence for Changes in the Tertiary Climates of N.Z. D. R. Mcqueen, D. C. Mildenhall and C. J. E. Bell 49
Oxygen Isotope Paleotemperature Determinations from Victoria, Australia E. D. Gill 56
Size of Fossil Animals as an Indicator of Paleotemperatures. K. B. Lewis 62
Molluscan Evidence for Tertiary Sea Temperatures in New Zealand: a Reconsideration A. G. Beu and P. A. Maxwell 68
Marine Climates in the Oamaru District during Late Kaiatan to Early Whaingaroan Time A. R. Edwards 75
General Discussion 80