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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Town Hall Thursday, June 26, 1913

Graduates of the Year

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Graduates of the Year.

"And still they gazed and still the wonder grew
That one small head should carry all he knew."

Honours in Arts and M.A.

"They taught us, and groomed us, and crammed."Kipling

Cathie, Miss W.A. First-class Botany
Bates, F. A. Second-class Political Science
Kibblewhite, B. M. Second-class Political Science
Brock H. F. Second-class Latin and French
Robinson, A. H. Second-class Latin and German
Castle, A. P. Third-class English and German
Hall, V. J B. Third-class Latin and French
Hird, W. E. Third-class Political Science
Morrison, J. C. Third-class Political Science

Master of Arts.

  • Castle, J. G. F.

Bachelor of Music.

"I ha' harpit your midmost soul in three.—Kipling.

  • Collie, E. N.

Bachelors of Arts.

"Count, are we feeble or few? Mother, be proud of thy seed.—Kipling.

  • Barnett, M.
  • Coad, N. E.
  • Dixon, L. W.
  • Edwards, E. R,
  • Gondringer, B. J.
  • Houghton, K. M. L.
  • Mills, J. E.
  • McKenzie, F. E.
  • Paulsen, N. M.
  • Pigott, E.
  • Richardson, H. H.
  • Smith, J. D.
  • Tait, A. E.
  • Watson, G. G. G.
  • Wolter, F. F.
  • Brockett, A. E.
  • Dempsey, S. W.
  • Duff, E. W.
  • Gavin, D. M. H.
  • Heine, C. M.
  • Hunt, E. J.
  • Mothes, E. W.
  • Nightingale, H. J.
  • Pigott, E. M.
  • Hanston, H.
  • Robson, H.
  • Sutton, H. H.
  • Tolley, J.
  • Williamson, G. A.

"I left 'em all in couples a - kissing on the decks.—Kipling.

Honours in Science.

Levi, L. E. Third-class Mental Science

"An angel fair, or damozel,
That leans athwart a painted sky."


Insure with the Standard Insurance, Featherston Street, behind Kirkcaldie & Stains. Fire, Accident, Marine, etc. Tel 186.

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Bachelors of Law.

"To keep in form, we make a point of charging every visitor."—College Song.

  • Adams, R. T.
  • Barton, C. H.
  • Cook, P. B.
  • Duncan, A. T.
  • Luke, A. J.
  • Mackersey, L. J.
  • Mousley, E. O.
  • Rutherfurd, J. W.
  • Vernon, J. D.
  • Waldegrave, W. E.
  • Wilson, F. A.
  • Aston, W. B.
  • Broad, P. B.
  • Delamore, A. W.
  • Gould, A. M.
  • Mackay, D. E. C.
  • McConnell, R. W.
  • Nicholls, G. H.
  • Sim, W. J.
  • Vine, H. J.
  • Willis, V. B.
  • Wright, E. G.

"He saw a lawyer killing a viper,
And the devil smiled, for it put him in mind
Of Cain and his brother Abel."


Honours in Law.

Acheson, F. O. V. Second-class International Law, Company Law, Contracts and Torts.
Gilfedder Second-class International Law, Company Law, Contracts and Torts.

Master of Laws.

  • D.S. Smith

"I have taken my fun as I've found it,
I have roughed it and hashed it afar."


Senior Scholarship.

"Truly ye come of the Blood."—Kipling.

  • McKenzie, F. E. (History)
  • Pigott, E. M. (Botany)
  • Tolley, J. (English)
  • Paulsen, N. M. (Latin
  • Aston, H. (Greek)
  • Wolter, F. F. (German)

"An unutterable peace perraded their countenances."MacGill.

Sir George Grey Scholarship.

  • Bruce, R. M.

Jacob Joseph Scholarship.

  • Cathie, W. N.
  • Acheson, F. O. V.

1851 Exhibition Scholarship.

  • Burbidge, P. W.

"It's an awful lonesome job, being good."—Percy's Confession's.