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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Town Hall Thursday, June 26, 1913

[Final Chorus]

Now we've subjugated man,
We've nothing else to do,
So we order him around,
And dock his monthly screw.
We have organised a Club,
On Savage Student lines,
And we've had to raise a sub.
To pay our members' fines.
But last night the news came through,
Of a discovery,
For a straying Aeroplane,
Has found a new countree.
Within the men are dominant,
And women are oppressed,
So now we're off by Zeppelin,
To burst this little nest.

So off to Atlantis,
We're going to sail,
Right up into heaven,
Leave at half-past seven.
Don't mind the weather,
We shall not fail,
To see that old Compton's jumped on,
For telling stories he shocked our boys.
I need hardly mention
It is our intention
To capture those false men,
And bring them back,
So keep your eye
Upon the sky,
And follow our track.

Students are requested to support our advertisers, and also the following, who helped us in the Procession : Blake and Carlisle, J. J. Curtis and Co., Ltd., Munt, Cottrell and Co., Ltd., N.Z and Colonial Carrying Co., Ltd., N.Z. Express Co., Ltd., O'Brien and Co., and H. Somerville; also Mr. J. E. Fitzgerald, Mr. Jameson, and N. Hornig and Co.

"Horses ran on the racecourse, and won as a matter of course,
I lost a tribe of money, backing the other horse."

—"The Baron's Early Days" (MacGill).

"The harvest of my oats is overdue."Ibid.