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Victoria College Capping Carnival. Town Hall Thursday, June 26, 1913

The Library - Anne

page 8

The Library - Anne.

Air: "On the Ball." (Australian Students' Song Book).

Have you heard of the ogre, the library Anne
He resides on the College first floor.
He has a great motter, 'tis "Silence" you swatter,
The silence inscribed on the door.
Not a word, not a word, not a word,
The vigilance there is absurd.
From passing a note to acting the goat,
Such tricks are debarred, not a word.

In period lectures by jolly Prof. Mac.,
We hear of the language of eyes;
If you practise in there with your vis-a-vis fair,
You'll get a most stunning surprise.
He will score, he will score, he will score,
He has spoken so often before,
You may read from one book, but yet may not look,
In the eyes of the lady next door.

This year in the den some improvements are made,
We wriggle in desks and fixed chairs;
We can always plây trains, while improving our brains,
Though often subjected to glares.
Have a care, have a care, have a care,
You are being surveyed over there.
Keep an innocent face, he's behind the book-case,
Take this warning to heart, oh, beware.

Some girls fountain pens do replenish with ink,
And take away bottles and all;
But when coming back, Ward is out on their track,
And follows them down to the hall.
Be on guard, be on guard, be on guard,
Or else you'll be collared by Ward,
Don't glance at your mates, or indulge in debates,
Remember, be always, on guard.