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In a Strange Garden: The Life and Times of Truby King

Appendix Two: Constitution and Rues of the Plunket Society 1907

Appendix Two: Constitution and Rues of the Plunket Society 1907


The name of the Society is
The Society for the Promotion of Health of Women and Children (Registered)


The objects of the Society are indicated by its name, and include the following: -

1.To take over the existing scheme of work carried on by Dr. Truby King during the last two years in the promotion of the health of women and children.
2.To disseminate accurate information on matters affecting the page 218 health of mothers and children by means of lectures, pamphlets, correspondence, and otherwise.
3.To provide for the preparation of humanised milk for issue to the public.
4.To provide for the analysis of milk.
5.To provide and employ nurses ready at any time to give advice and instruction to mothers in the home or elsewhere, with a view to conserving the health and strength of the rising generation, and rendering both mother and offspring hardy and healthy and resistive to disease.
6.To promote legislative reform in matters pertaining to the health of women and children and thereby in particular: —
a)To ensure prompt registration of births.
b)To ensure prevention of work inimical to health and vitality in factories, etc., on the part of women for given times, before and after childbirth.
c)To improve the provisions for the care of waifs and strays, and especially of children in licensed houses or boarded out.
d)Removal of duty from sugar of milk.
e)Free access by members of the Committee of this Society to Registrar's records.
f)Examination by a doctor before children are committed to licensed houses.
7.To co-operate with any present or future organisations which are working for any of the foregoing or cognate objects, such as: —
  • The Sisters of the various Church Organisations and
  • Religious Orders.
  • St. John Ambulance Society.
  • The Salvation Army.
  • The Free Kindergarten.
  • The Society for the Protection of Women and Children.
8.To investigate the conditions under which waifs and strays are at present kept, especially during the first twelve months of page 219 life, and so far as possible to make provision for their proper care where they are found to be improperly housed or treated: —
a)By getting them placed in suitable private houses under the care of women not dependent solely upon fees received.
b)In cases where proper provision cannot be made as above indicated, to provide suitable accommodation and nursing at the Society's expense in special homes.


9.All persons who subscribe the sum of 5s a year to the funds of the Society shall be deemed members of the Society. The Society's year commences on the 1 st day of May. Any member who is in arrears after the close of the year shall be liable to be struck off the list of members by the Committee.
10.A past or future donor of a contribution of not less than £50 shall be a life member of the Society without being bound to pay the annual subscription. Anyone desirous of becoming a member must send in his or her name to the secretary, accompanied by one year's subscription, unless he or she is already a life member or becomes such on joining the Society.


11.The Society and its operations, its funds and property, shall — subject, however to the control in all things by general meetings of the members — be governed, managed, and disposed of by a Committee of the members of the Society, consisting of the following: —
  • President: Mrs J. H. Hosking.
  • Vice-presidents: Mrs J. M. Ritchie, Mrs G. Joachim.
  • Secretary: Mrs Carew.
  • Treasurer: Mrs M. Cohen.
  • Mrs James Allen. Mrs Sale.
  • Mrs Keith S. Ramsay.Mrs J. Loudon.page 220
  • Mrs T. Nisbet. Sister Ernestine.
  • Mrs A. Jackson. Mrs J. M. Gallaway.
  • Dr. E. Siedberg. Mrs G. L. Denniston
  • Mrs E. O'Neill.Mrs D. E. Theomin.
  • Adjutant M. Duff. Dr. Agatha Adams.
  • Mrs J. F. M. Fraser. Miss CM. Beswick. Nurse A. Holford (St Helen's). Mrs Leslie Harris.
  • Miss Fraser (Hospital). Mrs Truby King.
  • Mrs Stilling. Mrs W. S. Roberts.
  • Mrs Edwards.Mrs R. Donald.
12.The officers and other Members of Committee shall continue in office until the election of their successors at an Annual meeting. Retiring members shall be eligible for re-election. Any vacancy occurring in the Committee during the year may be filled up by the Committee.
13.The Secretary, or in her absence any of the other officers, shall be the Convenor of the Committee, and a meeting of the Committee shall be bound to be convened whenever the President or Vice-president or any two other members of the Committee desire a meeting to be called.
14.Any three Members of the Committee shall form a quorum.
15.The Treasurer or Secretary shall have power to receive subscriptions and donations.
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