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The Old Frontier : Te Awamutu, the story of the Waipa Valley : the missionary, the soldier, the pioneer farmer, early colonization, the war in Waikato, life on the Maori border and later-day settlement


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Chapter I.—Topographical and Legendary The beautiful Waipa country. The garden lands of Te Awamutu and Rangiaowhia. Hills of the Maori border. The cone of Kakepuku. Ancient fortresses. Maori tribes of the Waipa basin. 7
Chapter II.—The Missionary Era In cannibal days. Rev. B. Y. Ashwell the first missionary in Te Awamutu. A feast on human flesh in Otawhao pa. End of the inter-tribal wars. Rev. John Morgan comes to Te Awamutu. His useful mission work. How Mr Morgan sowed the good seed. 11
Chapter III.—Plough and Flour-Mill Mr Morgan introduces English methods of agriculture. Maori tribes become industrious farmers. The coming of the wheat. Large cultivations at Te Awamutu, Rangiaowhia, Kihikihi, and Orakau. Grinding the wheat. The first flour-mills. Mr Morgan's narrative. Clatter of the water-mill in many Maori settlements. Exporting wheat and flour to Auckland. Rangiaowhia flour sent to England. Sir George Grey's practical sympathy with the Maori. 14
Chapter IV.—The Golden Age Before the War Te Awamutu and Rangiaowhia in 1852. Mr Heywood Crispe's description. A land of corn-fields and fruit-groves. The peach-groves of Rangiaowhia. Visit to the large Maori village. Old King Potatau. Hochstetter's view in 1859. 18
Chapter V.—John Gorst at Te Awamutu Mr Gorst as Magistrate and Commissioner. The educational institution at Te Awamutu. A newspaper established. Rewi's raid on the “Pihoihoi Mokemoke.” Mr Gorst leaves Waikato. Te Awamutu re-visited. The last canoe voyage. 23
Chapter VI.—The Waikato War, 1863–64 Fighting on the Waikato. British and Colonial troops invade the Waipa country. Paterangi and Waiari. The Forest Rangers. Von Tempsky's narrative of the war. Bishop Selwyn at the Front. 35
Chapter VII.–The Capture of Rangiaowhia Von Tempsky's story. A summer morning invasion. Skirmishing through the village. Siege of a Maori whare. Colonel Nixon shot. Dramatic death of an old warrior. Heroic little garrison annihilated. 40
Chapter VIII.—The Engagement at Hairini Sharp action at Hairini Hill. Field Artillery shells the Maori lines. A great bayonet charge. Defeat of the Maoris. Work of the Forest Rangers. Looting Rangiaowhia village. Comedy at the Catholic Church. Von Tempsky and an Imperial Colonel. The return to Te Awamutu. A curious spectacle. “Those rascally Rangers have got all the loot!” 48
Chapter IX.—The Invasion of Kihikihi Rewi Maniapoto's headquarters. British force occupies Kihikihi village. Burning of the council house. Von Tempsky's night expedition. A fruitless march. Harmless skirmishing. Redoubt built at Kihikihi. Te Awamutu the army's headquarters. The first expedition to Orakau. 55 page break
Chapter X.—The Battle of Orakau Most memorable battle in New Zealand's history. Brigadier-General Carey's expedition. Von Tempsky's narrative. Animated description of the siege. Work of the Forest Rangers. Heroism of the Maori garrison. The last day. A break for freedom. The soldiers in pursuit. Maori narratives. The reply to General Cameron's message. Incidents of the siege. 59
Chapter XI.—Camp Life at Te Awamutu The troops in winter quarters. Description of camp life. The soldiers' whares. The house-opening dance. Sawyers near Rangiaowhia. The 65th, a model regiment. Soldiers become capitalists. Looting the Maori horses. The romance of Ariana. The hunchback and his flute. A militiaman's heart and hand, and Ariana's scorn. 79
Chapter XII.—Pioneer Life on the Old Frontier Perils of the King Country border. An unknown, sullen land. Picture from the north side of the Puniu. The pioneer settlers' life in the Seventies. The peach-groves of Orakau. A chain of blockhouses and redoubts. The murder of Timothy Sullivan. Grave danger of another war. Te Awamutu Cavalry Volunteers. Patrolling the out-settlements. The return of peace. When Tawhiao came out. “The King of the Cannibal Islands.” The peace-making dance in Kihikihi. The capture of Winiata. Mahuki's raid on Alexandra. Peaceful pakeha conquest of the King Country. 84
Chapter XIII.—Kiharoa the Giant A Folk-Tale of the Maori Border. The “Giant's Grave” at Tokanui. Fortified hills of “The Three Sisters.” The story of an invasion. An army in ambush. The battle of Whenuahou. The death of Kiharoa. Matau, the Giant of the Wairaka. 96
Appendices Maori place names. The capture of Winiata. Mr Hursthouse's adventure in the King Country. Mahuki's raid on Alexandra, and his capture. The King Country railway. 101