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Experiment 1

Love Lyrics

page 6

Love Lyrics.

1. Sunday in the Park.

Are you watching love, can you feel
A sympathy for Sunday in the tutored trees.
See how they go, the lovers or a child in tow
Sleevless in the sun to feed the swans.

Though the world brings candy to your mouth
You are no legend, white and mute as they.
You talk of cheating time, its hard to be gay
When from yourself you run away ....

So give what you can love, habit will bind me
Only the dance not the dancer will bind me.
Hear how my devil cries, "Get thee behind me."

Can you forgive me, that faithless I love you
Only as well as the times you allow me.
See how they go, those colour clothed children
Marching like conquerers with laurel in their hair.

While old men shuffle and shrink in the shade
Airing their youth again, "Listen" they say;
"We tell you that time is but a stranger
Who might if we stop him, ask us the way."

So give what you can love, habit will bind me
Only the song not the singer will bind me.
Hear how my devil cries, "Get thee behind me."

page 7

2. Mosaic.

Inspired by each others lips
On rented beds the lovers lie,
Exchanging tokens of their task
In kiss for kiss and sigh for sigh.
Flesh prevailing over all their wants
Night by night and lie by lie;
Faults are known but soon forgiven,
Softly sings a lullabye.

In retreat from dreams of Athens
The sensitive are left to die,
Musing on the marble terrace
Where Cyprus flame and herons fly;
That history will repeat itself
When rivers of the soul burn dry,
Faults have grown but all's forgiven,
Softly sings a lullabye.

But my love when all infringes
On your young and startled eye,
No longer can the heart in dreaming
Mend the ache or pass it by;
And when I, traitor to my anger
Lick say wounds and long to lie.
Faults are sown not soon forgiven,
Softly sings a lullabye.

page 8

3. Again a Night Wind Breeding Sighs :

Again a night wind breeding sighs, hurries me
Past doorways dimmed to a midnight arbour,
Where two lovers in the same spinal chase
Carol their kiss from throat to throat.

A grievance in the shadows turns their eyes
My footfalls passing break their crimson tide
And leap between the spire of their limbs,
Night has no trusting order, they cannot hide.

The fire Station clock beats twelve against the sky,
They reel into the dark while whispers hurry by.
For tense and teasing fingers other than their own
Grope at their bubbling wish and send them home.