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Experiment 9

Severed Types of Ambiguities

Severed Types of Ambiguities

Bacchantes on the banks of the Styx
Guys on the bosoms of dolls
Flagellants with phallic sticks
Squares wildly pegging round holes

Squares tamely pegging round holes
Lamely uniting to make
A god who they buy with their souls
The pathetic vision of Blake

The prophetic vision of Blake
The Spyder without any name
No matter which moment we take
The message is always the same

The message is never the same
The fixes are never alike
The flowers of evil that flame
Are a match to the good thorns we strike

page 45

Are no match to the good thorns we strike
Yet no fire to the passage of sin
And an answer to pressures we spike
But push us back out once we're in.