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Experiment 11


page 300


Like a dusty dry deserted barren roadway on a plain
Like a dusty dry deserted barren roadway on a plain
With the bright relentless blue enamel baking from the sky
And the stunted groves of growths of green trees
Patching on the broken and shifty sandy clay
And the dust about the boots and legs of people passing through
In the small and lonely self protecting the caravans of fear
Of that great unknown, unseen, all-seeing certainty of fate.

Stay you old fools with your hatred of change
And cultivate thought from that dry dusty dirt
And think of yourselves of your minds and ideals
And dont just inherit all things from your creed
For those saplings you plant will grow into trees
Tnat even when dead will provide you with warmth
If you can convert them from trees into timber
To build up a structure of thought
And progress from the trees to the timber
And build.