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Experiment 11

Song Of A Madman

page 400

Song Of A Madman

Malicious Depravity Corruption And Decadence!

Ah yes, so concerned with sexual morality they now don't know what sex really is;
Decadence is everywhere - the streets are filled with
Mobs of monkeys, apes, baboons -
A squalid, wretched lot
Deep in the bowels of social filth and putrid society and trying to disguise the fact by
Mutilating decency and wholesome living,
Al because they're so
Depraved they can't attain it:
ants are
More virtuous
And commendable than this scoury rabble they call society and civilisation and people;
Don't they know how warped and deformed they really are, how
Measley is their value in its present form -
Are they completely blind to their
Dependence on vice, cultural squalor and barreness? are they really set on self-social genocide, on
Maiming permanently
All culture that has ever existed?
i look up to the stars;
i see a swarm of ichneumon wasps pursuing the orbit of the earth,
Devouring any particles which happen to be
page 410 left behind - oh
My soul! must i stay
Around to watch the torment and the slow
Destruction, like the tapeworm in the liver,
Masticating its gruesome meal?
Alas, it seems that i am
Doomed to be the witness of
Decay -
can't the earth stop spinning
and get itself out of the
chaos it is in? - is there
any hope? this reckless plunge into the
Morgue of time is rapidly gaining momentum,
it is beginning to whirl,
creating crazy patterns in the universe -
this zoo has been
Aroused and unleashed - can it be contained?
it is almost too late - the whirl is
Me to near distraction
And its pace
Does not seem to be slackening:
oh damn the earth and its following,
damn the
And the apes, baboons -
Destruction is imminent, inevitable -
page 420 stone the crows
you damn fellows -
the wasps are gaining;
soon it will be raining
with the blood of man
who did not ban
way of life.