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Experiment 12

Arpeggio in Mobile ... Call to Blindness Jan. '65

page 8

Arpeggio in Mobile ... Call to Blindness Jan. '65.

The world is retreating under a subterfuge of mediocrity and hypocrisy. "On no" the wise man says "we have come many ways since those days many reincarnations ago. I know! I was there then, and again, again."

"How can you say?" gibbers the fool incomprehensive. "The times are advancing - see, see what we have handed down to you.

A Christmas-wrapped bundle of joy. The all-enveloping joy of death, black burden of frazelled timelessness, the H2O spotted incognito and exploitation explosion and





Fish in the trees, turtles turn parchingly inland, fish inland turtle in trees; Maoris with ebony skins - white with brown; florid Italians oozing in a pool of olive-oil. Eskimoes melting in an ice-slide of igloo; traitors turning in a surge of recantation, lovers immobile in action the inside out and the politicians under the bed and not in a way able to turn if off out and under, out and under the blankets over their dead-heads and no way to stop stop.

Stops and all all all is ended, redundancy again, again and all is taken for the bias of binding a new Messiah ...

Was it not heeded and unheeded "The fire next time" the GREATEST book ever recanted and forged... Hunted in an inferno of a melting, molting, molten flower, the last of political, artistic integrity, underground in an infra shell of concreted hibernation, hedgehog hell: underground haven of iniquity, politions hidden, and the scuts survival in the utmost.

Go unto the end in the arpeggio of complete oblivion call o call call call and cry for blessed oblivion to end the beginning. End with the yelp of wounded dogs, expended for the foreign policy of a bum political MAN, o die with a sigh for the black man still enslaved - are you not free in your acquiescence ... o ... the man in the tree of enlightenment... it is the innocence which constitutes the Crime. No crime, just population control with End-fired ... the rest back-fired in evolution with broken wings - all plagiarised... J. B. Thwaites.

"Broken Wings" Baldwin the bible and sell all plagerism.

Not the crime of innocence; acquiescence under and above knowing. Is it still yes! - then the end - arpeggio; oblivion and broken wings.