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Collected Poems

Love in the Night

page 91

Love in the Night

We are two skeletons who sleep
like lovers darkly in a grave;
along our bones the shadows creep
as rats about a burial cave.

This darkness is the womb of life
and soon with flesh our bones grow warm,
yet still we are but man and wife,
each yet endures a separate form.

Next flesh commingles with sweet fire
from heaven, and mind springs from the air,
the elements bring forth desire,
and then I know your body fair.

Into my waiting heart life pours
resistless power: a blinding arc
of light springs from my loins to yours
and tiger-like devours the dark.

In love's vast instant time's annulled,
we in that instant are made one,
and in our commerce is fulfilled
the motion of the stars and sun.