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The Ships of Tarshish

Chapter X. What will he do with it?

Chapter X. What will he do with it?

This chapter will be short and sweet.

When Mandevil examined the contents of the box delivered to him by old Samuel, he found that they would realize about fifteen millions, comprised in the bank notes and bonds of several nations. Samuel had put everything in such a way that there would be no necessity for any legal proofs, but the holder of the securities could realize them personally and secretly. In the paper that he left, Samuel advised Mandevil to realize moderate amounts at one time, so as not to attract notice, and with the same view to spread his transactions over as many countries as he could while doing so.

And now—What will he do with it? is a question that will naturally arise in the reader's mind. But it is a question that can-page 38not be answered at once. Mandevil himself, when he first got "it," did not know what to do with it. It was only when the proper time came, that he did know. So the reader must also be content to wait till the proper time comes for her or him to know what he did with it.