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Vicissitudes of Bush Life in Australia and New Zealand

Extracts from a few London and Provincial Press Opinions

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Extracts from a few London and Provincial Press Opinions.

“Should find many appreciative readers in the old country. A fascinating mixture of reality and romance. Mr. Ferguson is an old Colonist, who knows the world as well as a London West-Ender knows Hyde Park. He is a shrewd, highly-educated Scot. The life which he depicts is so free, healthy and adventurous, and he describes “it so skilfully, that his readers may well feel a longing for some share in the making of these New Englands.” Echo.

“It abounds in picturesque descriptions of Australian scenery, and gives lively pictures of the life, the manners, and the social types as they were some forty years ago.” Saturday Review.

“The writer has thrown his Colonial experiences, which go back to 1850, into the form of an autobiographical story. Adventures abound… A capital book for anybody not too old to learn is this medley of farming and fighting, courtship and self-help. Healthiness of thought and enjoyment of life run all through it.” Anti-Jacobin.

“A bright, clever, and exceedingly readable book, which is not only highly humorous, but contains a great deal of useful information.” Newcastle Daily Chronicle.

“Whether we are in the region of sober fact, or of skilful fiction, the book is one of very genuine merit, and a book which ought to be read.” Yorkshire Post.

“Energy, thrift and enterprise—qualities desirable in work in any part of the world—are more particularly necessary in Australia, and Mr. Ferguson shows how profitably they may be employed in the Bush.” Morning Post.

“An unpretentious and interesting book. It gives in a very pleasant manner all the knowledge which the inquirer into the ordinary conditions of Colonial life is likely to need.” Manchester Examiner.

“It is a picture of what did exist in Australia and New Zealand some forty years ago, and makes us realize how wonderful has been the progress, made since.” Literary World.

Swan Sonnensckein & Co., London.