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Diary of William Golder, 1873


“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

12 Wed ●
Letts’s Diaries generally published

fine during the day but windy
good night printed one side of sheet E.

23 Th

morning fine before school printed
the other side of sheet E—got from the
Hutt 8 lb beef = 2/ 6 lb sugar, 3 tobaco [sic] 2/6
did a little digging after school. at night made
up Quarterly returns.

34 Fri

—day fine in forenoon—had a visit
from an old friend—afternoon overcast
and cold—sent school returns of cash received
8/4½ including paper had = 6/5½—this morn
ing finished printing sheet E.

45 Sat

at the Hutt making up Mr McIlvrides
Books—got nothing through the post office
Charles thinks more of his dreams than anything

5 +6 Sun—19 aft Trinity

at church—Mr Hammond
preached—but very few there because of a
misunderstanding in the manner of giving

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

67 Mon

damp in the morning—Charles gone
to town—asked him to bring me a pane of
glass—but he is very disobliging to me, he
thinks more of vain dreams—than what will
do him good. But I suppose this is a full moon

78 Tu

day wet throughout—only five
at school—at night aderting adjusting my
cap types—

89 Wed ⤽

day fine—a good attendance at
school—tonight at the Hutt for glass and
got my hack from the smith—W. Gosling
helped Charles to cross cut a log for rails

910 Th
Divs due at the Bank. Oxford Tm begins

day rather gloomy—afternoon damp attendance rather thin—put in the pane of glass
after school typesetting.

101 Fri
Old Michaelmas Day

day fine after helping with chipping in oats after schoo I went to the Hutt.
too late to call at the P.O.

112 Sat

schoolmasters meeting
instead of going to the meeting I staid at
Mr McIlvrides to do up his books—as I
had not got returns . Some one calling got
them and brought up the hill.

13 Sun—20 aft Trinity

Day fine—Mr Moir had returned from
his tour.—

13 Sun—20 aft Trinity

day fine—Mr Moir had returned from
his tour—

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

14 Mon
Fire Insurance ceases. Quar Sess com

day fine—morning did a little to clear
ing weed from the seeded ground. at night
set up a few type.&c

15 Tu

day fine — in the morning practising arith—
afternoon sent a packet to Educational office —got from
Burt sugar 6lb tea ½lb tob ½ cocoa 6d ¼lb coffe
set up some type at night

16 Wed ❍

damp in the morning fine in afternoon
did some type setting in morning — afternoon take
weeds out of the ground.

17 Th

day fine a good attendance at school
two gone to service

18 Fri
St. Luke

day misty but fair — chipped in some
oats in the morning before school
attendance fairish—finished at night type setting
by running short of o’s[gap — reason: unclear] — went to the Hutt paid
Burt 13/8

19 Sat

day fine Sent by Mr Southee to the Educ.
Depot for Paper for McIlvride—and books for
—self atlas 1/ gen notes 1/ Joshua notes 1/ Luke notes 1/6
arithmetics 1/1—Got them at night.
posting ledger and making bills all day

20 Sun— aft Trinity

— a fair attendance at church
it is now more compact since altered.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

21 Mon

day fine Got the offer of a fresh
appointment in conjunction with
that I hold.—for Horokiwi— sent to say I
would accept &—Attendance small today
Gosling & jolly carting stuff from my metal hole[gap — reason: unclear]
for new road.

22 Tu

day fine good attendance of the
the few that are in the place—did a little
digging after school —

23 Wed

day fine—At mid day Mr Toomath
made a call for the first time—after hearing
lessons—and seeing the routine of the school at
which he expressed satisfaction — and spoke about
the Horokiwi—and my requirements. if it be decided
the school be established there. got the horse
shod in two feet tonight

24 Th ☾

Thursday—day fine but cold—I felt rather
unwell with a cold— bathed feet at night
which gave relief—

25 Fri

day fine but breezy could not feel
inclined to do anything out doors as I
felt rather weak — but indoors practised
a little on arithmetic.

26 Sat

27 Sun—22 aft Trinity

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

28 Mon
St. Simon and St. Jude

29 Tu

Wet and stormy

30 Wed

31 Th