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Diary of William Golder, 1873


“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

12 Sat ☽ March

day fine, morning cutting furze
and other rubbish—Gosling badly with pain in side.
got from him some parsley—Got an appoint
ment for the Belmont school. dated 24 feb /73

23 Sun—3 in Lent

day very hot in the forenoon
about 3 PM it came on to be misty—no preacher
up today—Saw Ralf Scholes told him about
the school opening to tell his neighbours.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

34 Mon

day fine—to day cheifly cutting furze
from before the school house. Mr Gosling and
I surveyed the house, and considered it needed some
lining done to it and porch at the door—I wrote a letter
to the board asking if the Board could give a few pound
for that purpose. Mary going to the Hutt posted the letter
James at the races Charles at home—

45 Tu

day fine—after milking I went to the work on
the road to get subscribers to put the schoolhouse
in repair got subscribed 45/ got nome about 7pm
Charles only at home—all the rest at the races.

56 Wed

day fine S.E. I[gap — reason: unclear] forenoon had a little controversy
with Gosling about the school repairs—saw
Buick Southee Hart—all subscribed 5/—None seem
to interest themselves in what concerns themselves but
all in their neighbours affairs—afternoon got Gosling
for 5/ paid—went and got timber 300ft @ 13/- and 10lb
nails—got home by 9 oclock very tired both heart
and self—

67 Th

day fine—got up the rest of the Boards by
dinnertime.—afternoon—put the furze cut from
the front of school house over the hill—felt very
tired after cow hunting.

78 Fri

morning breezy fires about during night fires
were seen on Gosling’s hill—and fire in my bush
in the glen and among the manukas[gap — reason: unclear]—but none
near the old house which was a blessing—Gosling
hedges were on fire—I was in fear of the school house
but it has as yet escaped—the night calm[gap — reason: unclear] may God preserve
us during night from fire

89 Sat●

day fine and calm—many places on my ground
I see have had a cleaning of rubbish and lawyers
burned away—Got a letter with notice of the Board
to post on the door declaring the Belmont School
established according to law.

910 Sun—4 in Lent

Mr Moir’s day—but none was
at home to go for him—I could not go—so we
were without any service—fires were about
afternoon wind freshened a little—calm toward night

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101 Mon

day fine—busied myself at school house taking
up the old floor—as Straton did not come—in the after
noon began to lay the floor again—sent by James to
the Educational office for books &c—got them home
tonight—and a whistle Mary bought.

112 Tu

day fine—working at the school floor—
got a letter from the Educational Board office, grant
ing the £5. to repair school house &c Ellerman called and
said that he recollected paying for the paint, and
would call on mason to rectify the mistake—called on
Gosling—to tell of the above, and order shingles for the house.

123 Wed

day fine—busy a[gap — reason: unclear] flooring the school house
sent for the five pounds promised yesterday by the agent[gap — reason: unclear]
of the Educational Board—reply to get the work done[gap — reason: unclear]
and sent in the Bill—Saw Galloway on his way
home. floor about finished.

134 Th X

a change today full moon—rain in
the morning During day fine but misty—till a
about 5 it rained a little—S.E.—making form
in the afternoon helped Gosling to cross cut a
block for shingles for school. &c

145 Fri

day damp and misty—made two
forms.—sent to Lyons asking if he had
got the type he expected—got word they are
not come [gap — reason: illegible]

156 Sat

day fine—lining school house. Got two Books sent from Melbourne which rather surprised me as I did not send for them, though they were what I wished to see

167 Sun—5 in Lent ☾
St. Patrick’s Day

day wet in the morning so
I could not go to the Hutt church
remained at home—afternoon fairish.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

178 Mon

day fine but coldish—working at the school
house—Gosling mending the shingles on roof.
the whole day. saw the little calf which
was lost yesterday. —did some type setting of
brevier at night. sent to melbourne for types.

189 Tu

day fine, forenoon lining shoolroom [sic]
J Farmer and J Pringle came up the hill,
spoke after I hailed them while passing—they
would have passed without calling had I not seen
them. After dinner I went to the Hutt to see about
timber—then called up to Beethams—Got home by 8

1920 Wed

day fine—forenoon did some more lining in
school room and put up a seat—afternoon went
with horse and cart to get inch boards[gap — reason: unclear] for porch
and scantling—got home near 8 P.M.—James
gone to Beethams place. to work.

201 Th

day fine after doing some lining in
school house in the forenoon, I went
to the mills for timber for the Porch and
paid for it, with and for nails &c, got home
about 8 at night

212 Fri
Cambridge Term ends

day fine fitted a few shelves and used up
all the lining boards I had, and prepared
two boards for a desk; and feet for a form

223 Sat
Oxford Term ends

day fine—made the form in the
forenoon—got angella and
Allan Gosling to clean up the house—and
I went to the Hutt and got a new lock for
the door a Burts 4/- and got back and put it on

234 Palm Sun

day fine, went to the Hutt church—led
the singing. got home by 2.—Mr Furniss on the
hill—after service I went up to Nairns to see what
the matter he was not down. got home by 7.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

245 Mon ❍
Annunciation V.M. Lady Day

Morning damp—today opened school
attendance small.—but
began in hope—that a good result might yet ensue.
I have succeeded in getting the pupiils broke in to a
some exercise—they promise fair in the meantime.

256 Tu

day fine—morning had a little bother in
getting the cows—but afterward got them milked
before school hours—Mrs Scrimshaw called and
paid 5/- She expressed herself pleased with my plan
Mary at the Hutt—Got a letter from the Educaction B.

267 Wed

day fine—school a pleasure to me and
scholars docile and agreeable.—began to make
geometrical diagrams—lesson the world—at night
23 paslm [sic].—ran to night

278 Th

Day fine—school last nights lesson revised
a little on geometry—afternoon Grammar—
at close Jesus turning water into wine—at night
correcting proof. Mary at the Hutt all day—

289 Good Fri

morning wet, school a little
leaky—three absent. Mary gone to town
by her sent for maps and books.—afternoon
one absent—object lesson on glass. at close
wet—thunder—had some exercise till it faired.
John came home with Mary near 10 o clock

39 [sic: 29] Sat
Dividends due on India Bonds

day fine went to town
yesterday today to see about some maps and
deliver my bill of repairs for school . which was accepted
and I heard of the maps—bought books 4/ paid for van
hire 3/2 for food 1/. for type—6 pence. total 8/6

301 Easter Sun

carriage for maps 1/.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

31 Easter Mon

[gap — reason: unclear] day wet few at school.