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Diary of William Golder, 1873


“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

12 Easter Tu

day fine, sent by Gosling the
Wesleyan collections to Samson[gap — reason: unclear]—Charles and mary
had a contention, he is lazy and selfish—and she cannot
control him. we have no light to do anything to my printing
at night.

23 Wed
Oxford Term begins

day cloudy—afternoon damp and
showery—got a duplicat.
bill of maps and books. sent a return of
school information according to circular with
a ms. to the E Bd. Charles gone to town with wood

34 Th

day fairish till about 3 P.M. Gosling began
to take out the stump in front of the school—The school
maps not yet come—Mary at the Hutt in the
afternoon—at night cold SE. finished correcting types

45 Fri
Divs due Bank. Cambridge Term beg

56 Sat
Old Lady Day

See Saturday opposite for what occured [sic]
today, which should be placed here

67 Low Sun

at the Hutt today. Mr Moir
came up the hill today.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

78 Mon ●
Quarter Sessions commence

day fine—Mr Gosling putting up
the porch—I floored it
after school hours. No increase of scholars
today yet.

89 Tu
Fire Insurance ceases

day fine—finished the porch of school
got the maps at night

910 Wed

day fine—after school hours began
to put up the gate to the rear.

101 Th

day fine—morning put hinges
on my writing desk—after school had
to mend my trousers so could do nothing
elsewhere—got the check for £5.6.5 and
a letter from home.

112 Fri

good Friday day fine, no school vaca-
tion , till next Wedhesday the 16—preparing
for printing off the forms[gap — reason: unclear] set up of the
Education question—paid Gosling for the work
done to school, and for bringing up 5 boards.

123 Sat x

full moon today—wet—worked off
5 quires of the first sheet of the Education question
began it after dinner—the roller needs renewing
finished ½ past 10 at night

134 Sun—2 aft Easter

—At home today as I was
late in getting the cows milked—Mr Hanes
came up in afternoon—none but ourselves
—when we had prayer and praise by ourselves

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

145 Mon ☾
Easter Term begins

fine day Charles got early up today for
a change—he went to town.
early with wood and Jas box[gap — reason: unclear]—I went to Hutt
after cowmilking—to get an iron ring made whereby
to hang the gates—afterwards began to line the school
&c got glue and treacle for an inkroller,—

156 Tu

day fine, had a good deal of travelling
before finding the cows this morning—got
them down the road.—after much planning got
the school writing desk hung—

167 Wed

day fine put on the desks feet and
filled between the scantlings and put in ink
bottles. got at night an invoice of type
£2.2.9 from Melbourne, when fixing the roller
mould—afterward cast a new roller

178 Th

day fine morning removing Brevier
Caps from small case to upper case—after school
began to hang the gate. at night took the
roller out of the mould. which came out easily

189 Fri

morning fine—few at school today
on account of colds—finished the gate after school
Charles to town today—I asked him to bring the
box, bt he did not do it. he is so disobliging—visitors
here to night when I came home

1920 Sat

went to town early—after a little bother I got
box of type, 8x8 in paid 8/- Got 2 reams P. paper
17/6—a precourse blanket 14/- dinner 1/- at the
Education office got Ball frame returned &c ink
cups—got home by Southee 1/- it was very cold in
riding—which made me unwell

201 Sun—3 aft Easter

Today could not go to church—but in bed all day
John came to me and saw he was going to take away
Mary and children to the Upper Hutt I consented.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

212 Mon

Today I thought myself eased, but very
weak—with a hard cough—When going to school
met Nairn & Burns shewd the use of the bullframe
he never saw the like before—this morning put
the Brevier Italics in their boxes

223 Tu ❍

Tod I felt as I did yesterday—Nairns
two eldest came to school—during the
day after taking a mouthful of water. felt a fresh
chill come over me—at night early feet bathed
I went to bed—felt feverish, got some trooked[gap — reason: unclear] posset
to cause sweat—it had affect

234 Wed

This morning I felt relieved—had a good sweat
I felt my head about right—felt easier at school.
at night began to put the hinge on the Cartway[gap — reason: unclear]
gate—at also put the new ink roller in the stock.

245 Th
St. Mark

James here tonight—he came in without speaking
Mary and children are away Mr
Gosling taking them and baggage to the upper Hutt
—after school fixed the hinges on Gate post—½ 9 PM
Charles came from town—brot[gap — reason: unclear] for me a piece of
galvanized Iron 2/6—box 5/-

256 Fri

morning fine—great quietness reigns in the
house now—got the gate hung after breakfast with Charles help,and the big case brought up to
the house, but could not get it in—After school
made the new ink table with Galvanized Iron.
employed tull after 9 PM.

267 Sat

moon changes. rainy during morning
and forenoon. Cut the Box to size, brought in
and made the inking bench with shelves—finished
it by night—and tryed [sic] a sheet. the improvement
answers well, &c

278 Sun—4 after Easter

day fine I went to the
Hutt. sang in the church, Coming Home
met Mr Haynes he advised me to come back with
him to Dinner. Got home by 3 in the afternoon

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

289 Mon

day fine I felt rather dull perhaps
on account of a heavy damp atmosphere—after
school put head tittles [sic] on the forms in the press—which will
make it look better

2930 Tu ☾

day cloudy felt a little more cheery after before
school damped some papers—after school proved the
headings find the new paper, shews better works
and the other improvements made of some advantage
I hope providence will bless the work in hand.

301 May Wed
St. Philip and St. James

day fine but cloudy — morning
looked over a new proof
saw a mistake or two which which were rectified
after school—then proceeded to work off the three
quires which were damped yesterday. how pleasant
when things work well

312 Th

day dampish got about 6 morning finished
printing the 3 quires I began yesterday and damped
other 4 before school hour—after school hour till
8, did the one side of all, and some on the other side