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Diary of William Golder, 1873


“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

June 12 Sun—1 aft Trinity

Did not go to the Hutt to day
morning being showery—it cleared up after
wards. Mr Richardson came up today—a
very good turn out between young and old.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

23 Mon

Day cloudy with strong winds Charles
away all day—at night he brought home the
missing parcel of copy book[unclear: s]—all day I felt rather
dull having a cold on me.

34 Tu

a wet day—thin school—only 4. with this
we managed to go through some of the forms
—after school hours set up a page of type. cows
not attended to for wet. I feel a cold upon me

45 Wed

market day—fine—full attendance at
school today—a letter, today. though Mrs
Gosling enquired for them at post office.
at night made up the 16 pages of type on the
Ed. Question

56 Th ●

day fine—morning made up
school roll—at night made an abstract
sheet to be copied when sent to the Education

67 Fri

day fair but cloudy—morning chiefly
occupied with Dish washing &c.—Gave the
school children a leaflet each, of which they
felt glad—at night finished the report and the
diagram of the solar system.

78 Sat

day fine—started to go to town—but got
what I expected at the post office—went
to the Toitoi, as Mr Ross told me a letter was
there for me—but it was sent to James—got home by
one oclock—got Ann Gosling to clean up in the

89 Sun—2 aft Trinity

To the Hutt today—dined with McIlvride
got home ’ 4 P—

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

910 Mon [gap — reason: illegible]

Day fine—school a good turn out
after school churning with no success till
11 a.m.—

101 Tu x
St. Barnabas

Day fine this morning Gosling began
to split rails for fencing &c—got
a.G. to churn after school. sent some shirts
to washing—Gosling in at night with gosip [sic]
hindring me from other things.

112 Wed
Trinity Term ends

day fine, churning seems to be
endless—at night began to
make out a time table of school lessons
as required by the Board. afterward began to
set up in types to print it.

123 Th

day fine, Charles to town late at starting
and horse weak—cows not milked today
churning to night with little success 11 oclock
Chrarles not home.

134 Fri ☽

day fine—Charles came home with
out the horse and cart this morning—the
poor animal knocked up through carelessness
—after school finished typesetting for school
time table—afterward churning—I think got butter
by 10 oclock at night

145 Sat

day went to town paid Lyon 7/7 as
per bill—took a parcel of stray[gap — reason: unclear] books to the
Book depot—got a natural history 6/-
and NZ Geography for McIlvride—saw the patent[gap — reason: unclear]
slip—remained at McIlvrides
at night being invited.

156 Sun—3 aft Trinity

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

167 Mon

day fine Charles at work fencing
at night Southee got an small agur and
brought home the plane—we had porage for

178 Tu
Cambridge commencement

day fine Charles with Gosling — after
school printed some
school time tables for lessons and school
goverment [sic], and corrected 4 pages of Ed. Question

189 Wed

day fine, took the time tables
and sent to patrons one each asking
how the were pleased—with progress—
at night corrected 4 pages of the Edu. Quest.

1920 Th

day fine—got three answers to querr
-ies expressing satisfaction.—at night
corrected 4 pages of Edu Question.

2021 Fri ❍
Proclamation. Cambridge Term ends

day fine—

212 Sat

day gloomy—corrected proof and
at night printed off one side of two
quires—Gosling in when I began

223 Sun—4 aft Trinity

morning bleak and wet
—late in rising—staid at home, a little fairer
in afternoon—but not to warrant Mr Moir
to come up the hill.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

234 Mon
St. John Baptist Midsummer Day

Wet day—a full attendance at school
after school—did some printing—and trying
a little improvement on the press Charles
papering his room.

245 Tu

day fine—after school put galvanized
thin sheet iron in the tympan of the press
which took up the time for the evening

256 Wed

day wet some absent from
school—after school hours got the press
in working order—to have the roller to return
back—I see the[gap — reason: unclear] the plan will do to be easy worked
got letters from town on school affairs

267 Th ☾

morning fine—after 2 P.M.
a pouring rain all the rest of day
and night—after school printed on side
of 3 quires.—Charles papering his room

278 Fri

morning rainy continuing
more or less all day School
thin after school finished the 3 quires
cold all day—Charles papering

289 Sat
St. Peter

late getting up—morning fine
breakfast about 10—afternoon
about 3 attempted printing another
quire, but the cold influence the roller
it will not work

2930 Sun—5 aft Trinity

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

301 Mon
Quarter Sessions commence

day fine