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Diary of William Golder, 1873


“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

12 Fri

day fine got a letter from teachers
association requesting attendance on the
9 of the month tried tea of furze flowers
I feel it beneficial.

23 Sat

day fine—finished post boring Charles
cleaning the house—expecting some visitors
& making a bed.—set up a page—got A. Gosling
to scrub the floor

34 Sun—10 aft Trinity ●

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

45 Mon

day fine school muster modrate [sic]
but more than some weeks past—
Charles at the Hutt afternoon

56 Tu

day damp got 25lb polard 2/ by
Nairn—at night finished a sheet of
type setting

67 Wed *

Day damp and cold school

78 Th

day fine got paper from town
from Educ. Depot—P Speed should
have come for his clock but did not

89 Fri X

day fine—School full muster
got 2 bush of Maize = 14 / Nairn
owes 6/6 to me—wrote a welcome
to the Gov

10 Sat

day fine but cloudy—went to town—gave
a parcel to Gov. House—returned book to Mr Bowden
got school books—attended a meeting of Teachers
bought trowsers [sic] 19/6—2/6 teachers meeting 3/6 van hire
types 3d—dinner 1/-

11 Sun—11 aft Trinity
Half Quarter Day

Rain during the night and
all to day—and still raining to night

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

112 Mon ☽

123 Tu

got some lucerne seed 3/

134 Wed

145 Th

got some bran—and some sugar.
4lb @ 5½d

156 Fri

167 Sat

Diging [sic] potatoes after sorting the
digging fork—Charles put a pommel[gap — reason: unclear] or two
of fencing—although I have not seen it—had a
race to the Hutt for 2 beasts in the pound expenses.

178 Sun—12 aft Trinity ❍

John was here to day
Charles went to town in his new dress I have
not seen it day showery—I staid at home

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

189 Mon

a rainy day—a small attendance
at school today—only 7—morn & night
prepared for printing

1920 Tu

morning wet school as yesterday
at night began printing sheet third
Charles saw the cows this morning—afternoon

201 Wed

day fine—a better attendance at school
at night printed oneside of 4½ quires—
Is Ellerm[gap — reason: unclear] canvassing for a seat in the Board
He called at the school—with a note for Nairn—and
wanted Scholes to come up to his place to night—

212 Th

Day fine—a good attendance J Nairn
called at the school today—and got out A Scholes
to talk with him—the subject secret—tonight
while printing broke my ink roller in the axle it
being of rimu wood—made a new rata spindle
and recast the roller on it—today groceries 5/6

223 Fri

Day fine—sent by Nairn got flour 14/6
beef 3/2—ordered W Gosling out of school for
misconduct. at night recast the ink roller—

234 Sat
St. Bartholomew

day fine—morning finished printing third
sheet—afterward sowed some
Lucerne seed—afternoon went to the glen and
in a lot of redrod[gap — reason: unclear] rails prepared to be nailed
a night made two galleys—

245 Sun—13 aft Trinity ☾

day fine—Went to the
Hutt—Mrs Jolley[gap — reason: unclear] funeral today—John from
the Upper Hutt.—

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

256 Mon

day partly dampish—a midling turn
out day at school—. altered the galleys as to im-
prove them for easy use.

267 Tu

day cloudy—a good attendance today
typesetting, during the night to ten pm[gap — reason: unclear]
No fencing done today

278 Wed

day wettish a good attendance
considering—no fencing work done—
repaired the school desk at night dis-
-tributing type

289 Th

day rather changeable—
Mary here today—and red up the place
a little—no work done out doors—save
sowing a little Lucerne seed tea & sugar

2930 Fri

day windy but fair—got 10lb nails for
fencing—unpaid for @ 5d pr lb—Charles at
work to day—sowed a little Lucerne seed after
school. at night did some distributing—

301 Sat

day cloudy and windy—sowed lucerne
seed in the path south of the house—did distribute
some type—made up the months school return
at night—Charles carrying rails for fence

31 Sept Sun—14 aft Trinity

Being rather stormy looking I staid at home
expecting church service in the afternoon—about
two it came on hard shower—no service it being stormy
Mr Ilvride up to day to see his family.