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Diary of William Golder, 1873


page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

Sep 12 Mon

morning wind changed to S.E. and was
all day cold and showery—Charles went to town
I had to get wood for the night—experimenting at
night in making something for presswork in
printing. night showery and cold.

23 Tu ●

day showery and cold—few at school
finisned nearly the distributing of type

34 Wed

day fine—a great change but cold
= did a little type setting at night—Charles
taking stable manure in afternoon to garden

45 Th [gap — reason: illegible]

day fine and mild—Charles took out
the stable manure iin the forenoon—no
fencing done today—self in the morning
making a galley press—some scholars had bad
eyes. did a little typing at night

56 Fri X

day fine—after school went to the
Hutt—prev service at church—after which a
meeting to arrange about repairs—on the way
at foot of hill met J.P & D.S in trap—I stayed at
McIlvrides at night, being invited.

67 Sat X

day fine Went to town—Saw Mr Graham
got satisfactory replies—and a school clock
did some orders entrusted to me—Brought Diction[gap — reason: unclear]
5/. Books 6 pence maps 1/ Dinner 1/3 van hire 3/

78 Sun—15 aft Trinity

—day damp Sacrament today
staid at McIlvrides last night—Mrs F. at dinner
we had a wet journey home.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

89 Mon

day fine after a wet night—clock tried
but not doing well—the hand seems rubing [sic] on
the face—morning did something to my galley
press—after school pulled some weeds and raked
some off the lucerne ground. Got fencing.

910 Tu

day showery—in the afternoon cold
in the afternoon did a little more to galley press
in sewing on a piece of callico—at night set some
type. &c

101 Wed

day stormy and cold few at school
Charles oiled the clock for school—Afternoon
after school got the galley press finished by
putting in the frisket

112 Th

day damp in the morning—a good
gathering in school—hung the clock in school
after school dug some ground for potatoes—Charles
put some pannels of fence across the old road

123 Fri

day fine good attendance at school
after school went to the Hutt—called at P.O.
no letters—saw J. McIlvride got his watch to
repair—Got meat sugar & tea matches 4/10

134 Sat

145 Sun—16 aft Trinity
Ember Week

at home all day

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

156 Mon

167 Tu ❍

got cheque—at night sent £1— to
Mr Smith for interest with other orders
Bough [sic] Mary coat 20/—sole leather and
tacks 3/6—envelopes 8d tobaco 1/3
heavy thunder at night after I got
and very heavy rain—

178 Wed
Ember Day

Wet day and cold

189 Th

fine after 10 a.m. but cold all day

1920 Fri
Ember Day

cold and damp

201 Sat
St. Matthew. Ember Day

a change but still cold. digged
in the garden

212 Sun—17 after Trinity

day fine—went to the
Hutt—no minister—wed did what we could
read a chapter or two and sang a psalm

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

223 Mon

damp morning—yet good attend
ance at school—transposing type to be

234 Tu ☾

day wet and showery—a good
attendance at school transposing

245 Wed

day fine—morning transposing
after school digging in the garden—evening
croiting proof—

256 Th

morning fine—Charles sent to the Hutt
for things 6/3 paid mullins bill of 8/3 for oats
and pollard—Afternoon cold and wet.
sent Nairn’s letter.

267 Fri

fine day—school boys repaired
the school fireplace—did a little digging
and went to the Hutt—heard the honour-
able Mr Fox lecturing on the cause of
getting rid of public houses—

278 Sat

day wet—began to do up the Black
smiths books—got tobbaco [sic] for Charles 1/3

289 Sun—18 aft Trinity—
St. Michael

Mr Hammond preached to day in the scotch
church. James up the hill to day
I passed him going down

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

2930 Mon
Dividends due on India Bonds

morning fine but breezy—afternoon wet and stormy
preparing for printing correcting proofs

301 Oct Tu
Cambridge Term begins

wet and stormy all day only
7 at school—