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New Zealand Minstrelsy

An Old Bachelor’s Soliloquy on His First Honeymoon

page 32“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 32.

An Old Bachelor’s Soliloquy on His First Honeymoon.

TuneLogie o’ Buchan.”

I like my young wifie!—I heard a youth sing,
Whas locks were as grey as an old goose’s wing;
And aye as he sang, how he smirked and he smiled,
That one would have thought him sweet fancy’s own child;
Quoth he, my braw housie did aften complain,
That it wanted a guide wha I could ca’ my ain.

I like my young wifie!—though thrice I’m her age,
And bless the sweet time she my heart did engage;
She’s carefu’ and tidy, she’s all I desire,
Saesnod she keeps a’ thing, I can’t but admire;
As for my auld breeks that I ance threw aside,
They’re now sae renew’d, I can wear them wi’ pride.

I like my young wifie!—for sweet is her smile,
And sae kindly she speaks,—a’ my cares to beguile;
And gaily she sings, like a seraph on high,
Which makes my heart flutter with rapture and joy;
A’ things, when considered, I see and maintain
That Nature ne’er meant that we should be alane.

I like my young wifie!—because she likes me,
Which makes me oft wonder how some disagree;
Whate’er be my will, it is her’s a’ the same,
And if I meet sorrow, to soothe is her aim;
Or, if I feel joyful, she heightens my joy,
Till, with a sweet kiss, I show—happy am I!

I like my young wifie!—for I can declare
What comforts she makes I ne’er dreamed of before;
Her aim is to please me, and keep me in cheer,
And all the great blessings of life to endear;
May Heaven still spare me so precious a boon,
And let our whole life be as one honeymoon!