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The New Zealand Survey

Lines — On hearing of the Demise of Dr. F. Logan, R.N., May 24, 1862, Aged 84

“New Zealand Survey”: Page 144.

On hearing of the Demise of Dr. F. Logan, R.N., May 24, 1862, Aged 84.

Society; History; Past; Imagination; ChangeFrom youth I’ve loved society of the aged
Whose lives unite the history of my day
With the far past; whose tales have oft engaged
page 145“New Zealand Survey”: Page 145. Sweet fancy as they told of much they knew
Which the historic muse fail’d to pourtray
Of things and old events, as hid from view
Unsearched for, unrecorded. Such have served
To wake reflection on improvements vast
Occuring now, with privileges conserved,
Which ancients never knew in the far past.—

FriendshipThus Doctor Logan was a special friend
Whose friendship gave in converse more than wealth
Could yield: while retrospection would commend
Itself to him, enjoying o’er again
His manhood’s former days, as the refrain
Of life well spent, thus giving mutual cheer,
He feeling less th’ infirmities of health
In years advanced!—Thus fondly would he tell
Of hard escapes ’mid dangers which befell
His line of duty, where companions sank
Beneath such woes! Nor could he e’er but thank
An overruling Providence which spared
His life so long; while other mercies great
Were mingled with the events of his career!*
page 146“New Zealand Survey”: Page 146. All such recounted, and all things compared
A cheering balance shewed of mind’s estate
Enjoyed, imparting joy!—Now such confest
Must cease, as he’s at length call’d to his rest
Nor can I but his memory revere!

* Curious are the coincidences which sometimes occur in the history of a life as regards either time or events. The month of February was one which much attracted Dr. Logan’s attention, when reviewing his past history, from the stand point of his advanced age. In this month twice had he suffered shipwreck: once on the Skager Rack, on the South of Norway, when a goodly number of his shipmates perished, while the survivors suffered greatly from cold and hunger before they were discovered and relieved; and at another time, on the English coast, somewhere between Hull and Newcastle, when through the fault of the captain in not shutting down the hatches as the Doctor advised, a good number of lady passengers perished, by the heavy seas breaking over the vessel and filling the cabins where the unfortunates were. On the same month twice had he got married, and on each time was happy in the union made. On the same month he landed in New Zealand, and had his share of joys and sorrows connected with a new eolony. From such and other events connected with February, he would argued himself into a belief that his exit from this life would occur in this same month; but, however, such was at length otherwise decreed. Civilisation; Technology; ChangeIn his younger days New Zealand was reckoned beyond the reach of civilization! and there were no such things as ocean steamers, railway trains, nor electric telegraphs; let the present generation thus appreciate the improvements now enjoyed.