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Recreations for Solitary Hours

An Enigma

page 60

An Enigma.

That I'm in existence, I verily vow,
Though still I'm unknown to the wide world around,
From Heaven's supernal, expanding concave,
To Hell's dark, infernal, and soundless profound.

Though I am to all that's angelic unknown,
With Christ, the great King, whom the Jews did despise,
A pilgrim where'er he sojourn'd, I have trode
In poverty's humblest, contemptuous guise.

Though once I was poor, now in riches I loll,
Yet me no depending admirers caress;
Through all tribulations I carry my cross,
Still greatly rejoicing 'mid ev'ry distress.

Mark! when from the wing of the lightning, you hear
The great resurrection proclaim'd;—then in state,
Spreading dread in a chariot of thunder I'll ride,
Attending on Christ to the doom-giving seat:
Then woe to the mighty who hear not my fame!
The wicked are pardoned who give me a name!