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Recreations for Solitary Hours

A Sonnet

A Sonnet.

Written on the blank leaf of "Henry Kirke White's Remains," of which I had the loan, when returning it to its owner.

My warmest thanks I render in return
To thee the owner of "Kirke White's Remains,"
I've feelingly perused it o'er and o'er,—
As well 'tis worthy:—Though I've thus retain'd
It from your use, I cannot take the pains
Of making feign'd excuses,—but I mourn
At this our parting. Patiently he bore
The frowns of Fortune. He has felt the same
O'erruling passion native to my breast;
Though much with painful cares he was o'erborne,
His soul its self-supremacy maintain'd
'Bove prying critics' scrutinizing test,
Till premature—grief-worn—life's glimmering flame
Extinguished.—Sore lamented was his exit 'lorn.