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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 4 (July 1, 1936)

Seven-a-side Rugby

Seven-a-side Rugby.

Seven-a-side Rugby is not taken with any great degree of seriousness in New Zealand. In fact in some districts the season is commenced with a seven-a-side tournament, it being overlooked that this particular brand of football is more strenuous than the regular fifteen-a-side game. But in England, seven-a-side Rugby plays a big part in the football season. Instituted eleven years ago by Middlesex, the annual tournament has been the result of more than #11,000 being raised for the funds of the Middlesex Hospital. This year the championship was won by the Sale Club, which included some of Wales’ best-known internationals.

The manner in which seven-a-side Rugby has taken on in England is surpassed by the growth of basketball, which threatens to be the most popular of ball games. Basketball was started by Dr. James Naismith who will be a guest of the German Olympic Committee to see the game played for the first time at the Olympic festival. Basketball was evolved as the result of a challenge following on a chance remark by Dr. Naismith that there was “nothing new under the sun, but everything new is simply a recombination of the factors of the already existing things.” He had been discussing for some time the necessity for a game for the winter season at his college and on making that remark was answered by “Well, Doctor, if that statement of yours is true, then you can invent a new game.” Taken up in this manner Dr. Naismith evolved the game which has now swept the globe. Basketball is not yet 45 years old but it has a greater following among New Zealand women than hockey and is gaining added followers every season. The story behind Dr. Naismith's evolution of the game would require too much space to recount, but he explains that it is a combination of Soccer, Rugby and polo.

Cigarettes led to an amusing breach of promise case at Adelaide recently. Juliet, it appeared, dotes on cigarettes, while Romeo loathes the sight—and smell—of them. So love's young dream became a nightmare, and quarrels were frequent. At last the young man bluntly told the girl that if she wouldn't give up smoking he'd have to give her up! Hence these tears! Amid roars of laughter some of the early love letters were read out in court. At last the. judge remarking that it seemed to be “a silly lovers’ quarrel,” advised the parties to retire and see if they couldn't “make it up.” They did! The fascination that cigarettes possess for some women—men. too!—is simply irresistible! Look at the run on Riverhead Gold and Desert Gold, the two leading cigarette blends, so fragrant and soothing! Both are “toasted.” That's why they're so good—and so harmless! There are also three toasted brands for the pipe, Cut Plug No. 10 (Bullshead), Cavendish, and Navy Cut No. 3 (Bulldog). No finer tobaccos are manufactured. But beware of imitations!*