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Book & Print in New Zealand : A Guide to Print Culture in Aotearoa


The student of publishing in New Zealand is handicapped by the lack of bibliometric studies. There is, for instance, no equivalent for New Zealand of Simon Eliot's Some Patterns and Trends in British Publishing 1800-1919 (1994), a study which examines the size, patterns and nature of book production based on detailed statistical analyses of lists of what was published. We do not have for New Zealand any firm knowledge of quantities published, and what kinds of publications they were, beyond the most cursory information. Short surveys of some of the most important of the categories of publications produced in New Zealand form the bulk of this chapter. The selection of categories is not comprehensive: there is, for example, no coverage of map publishing. Nor is the selection balanced, and in this sense it reflects the current state of research into aspects of New Zealand's print culture.