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Bliss and Other Stories


Pat the handy man sprawled in his little room behind the kitchen. His sponge-bag coat and trousers hung from the door-peg like a hanged man. From the edge of the blanket his twisted toes protruded, and on the floor beside him there was an empty cane bird-cage. He looked like a comic picture.

" Honk, honk," came from the servant girl. She had adenoids.

Last to go to bed was the grandmother.

" What. Not asleep yet ? "

" No, I'm waiting for you," said Kezia. The old woman sighed and lay down beside her. Kezia thrust her head under the grandmother's arm and gave a little squeak. But the old woman only page 19pressed her faintly, and sighed again, took out her teeth, and put them in a glass of water beside her on the floor.

In the garden some tiny owls, perched on the branches of a lace-bark tree, called: " More pork ; more pork." And far away in the bush there sounded a harsh rapid chatter : " Ha-ha-ha . . . Ha-ha-ha,"