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Emily Bathurst; or, at Home and Abroad

Books Published by B. Wertheim, Aldine Chambers, Paternoster-Row

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Books Published by B. Wertheim, Aldine Chambers, Paternoster-Row.

A Book for Wives and Mothers. Stiff cover, 6d., or (cloth, 1s.

A Book for Young Women. By the Wife of a Clergyman. Second Edition, stiff cover, 6d.; or cloth lettered, 1s.

"A book which may most advantageously be placed in the hands of young women."—'Church of England Magazine.

"'I believe that young women exercise a very extensive influence over society, and the happiness and respectability of a parish would be found great or small, according as the young women in it were quiet, modest, careful, pious, or the contrary.'" "And if any book of education could, under God, produce those wholesome qualifications in young women, we think it might be done by the one before us. We, therefore, strongly recommend it to all who interest themselves in the moral and religious improvement of their poorer neighbours and dependants."—Christian's Monthly Mag., July, 1845.

"How Shall i Come to the Table of the Lord?" Sixth Edition, price 2d.

"If the Times are Bad, What are You Doing to Mend them?" Price 1d.

Journal of Missionary Labours in Jerusalem. By the Rev. F. C. Ewald. Second Edition, fcp. 8vo., 4s. 6d.

"This work, dedicated to the Chevalier Bunsen, cannot fail to be read with great interest, and more especially at a time when many eyes are directed to 'the holy city,' when, it is to be hoped, a growing; anxiety is felt for the spiritual welfare of Israel. We have laid before our readers the commencement of a series of letters from our excellent friend Mr. Veitch, for a season the fellow-labourer with Mr. Ewald in the East; and we think that correspondence will fully bear out the accuracy of Mr. Ewald's statements, and bear full testimony to his zeal, devotedness, and energy to the work of his Divine Master. The mission of Bishop Alexander has, in some quarters, been viewed with an approach to jealousy; let those who thus view it read the volume from which the above is extracted."—Church of England Magazine.

The Church of St. James; the primitive Hebrew Christian Church at Jerusalem; its History, Character, and Constitution. By the Rev. J. B. Cartwright, A.M., Minister of the Episcopal Jews' Chapel. 12mo., cloth, price 6s.

The Two Sermons preached at the Episcopal Jews' Chapel, Palestine-place, Bethnal-green, on Sunday, December 28, 1845, on occasion of the Death of the Right Rev. Michael Solomon Alexander, D.D., late Bishop of the United Church of England and Ireland at Jerusalem. With an Appendix. By the Rev. J. B. Cartwright, A.M., Minister of the Chapel. Price 2s.

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By the Rev. A. M'Caul, D.D., Rector of St. James's Church, Duke's Place, Prebendary of St. Paul's, Professor of Hebrew and Rabbinical Literature in King's College.

A Sermon preached in St. Paul's Cathedral, on Monday, October 19, 1846, on occasion of the Visitation of the Right Honourable and Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of London. Published at the request of his Lordship. 1s.

The Old Paths. Second Edition, 1s.

Plain Sermons, on Subjects Practical and Prophetic. 12mo., cloth lettered, price 6s. 6d.

The Christian Sanctuary Contrasted with the Levitical Temple. A Sermon preached before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, on the Occasion of the Re-opening of the Church of St. James's, Duke's-place. 1s.

An Apology for the Study of Hebrew and Rabbinical Literature. 1s.

The Conversion and Restoration of the Jews, Two Sermons preached before the University of Dublin. 8vo., Second Edition, 2s.

Israel Avenged. By Don Isaac Orobio. Translated and Answered. Parts I., II., III., 1s. 6d. each.

The Eternal Sonship of the Messiah. A Sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on the Feast of the Annunciation; and in the Chapel of Trinity College, Dublin, April 29th, 1838. With Notes and an Appendix. 8vo., 2s.

The Personality and Work of the Holy Spirit, as revealed in the Old Testament; a Tract for the House of Israel. 6d.

New Testament Evidences, to prove that the Jews are to be Restored to the Land of Israel. Second Edition, 4d.

Just published, with a Portrait and Memoir of Bishop Gobat, 8vo., cloth, price 7s.,

The Protestant Bishopric in Jerusalem: its Origin and Progress, from the Official Documents published by command of His Majesty the King of Prussia, and from other authentic sources, with Notes by Henry Smith, Esq., and an Introduction by the Rev. A. M'Caul, D.D., Prebendary of St. Paul's, &c.

Works by the Rev. Moses Margoliouth.

The Jews in Great Britain. 12mo., cloth. Price 7s. 6d.

An Exposition of the Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah. 8vo., price 7s, 6d.

The Fundamental Principles of Modern Judaism Investigated. To which are appended a List of the Six Hundred and Thirteen Precepts; and Addresses to Jews and Christians. With a Preface by the Rev. Henry Raikes, A.M., Chancellor of the Diocese of Chester. 8vo., cloth 10s.

Israel's Ordinances Examined; A Reply to Charlotte Elizabeth's "Letter to the Right Rev. the Bishop of the United Church of England and Ireland in Jerusalem." 8vo., price 2s.

The Birth of Christ, and the Iron Pen. Two Reflections by Heinrich Zeller. From the German. Price 6d., or, cloth lettered, 1s.

Old Joe Arnold, the Public House Keeper. By the Author of "Hester Singer." Price 2d.

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By the Rev. W. W. Champneys, Rector of Whitechapel.

Tender Grass for Christ's Lambs. Price 6d. Cloth, 1s.

Prayers for Little Children. Price 2d.

Images, First and Second Series. Price 1s. each.

Brief Sketch of Patrick Kenney. Late Scripture Reader. Price 2d.

Bread upon the Waters. Price 3d.

Helen S—, "An example of suffering affliction and patience." Id.

Notes of a Sermon to Young People. Preached by the Rev. Daniel Wilson, Vicar of Islington. Price 2d.

By Miss Bunbury, Author of "Glory, Glory, Glory."

The Castle and Hovel. Price 6d., or cloth, 1s.

Fanny, the Flower-Girl. With an Engraving. Price 6d., or, cloth lettered, 1s.

The Blind Girl of the Moor, a Shepherd's Child. Price 4d.

A Happy New Year. Price 2d.

It is Enough; or. Trust in Providence. Price 2d.

St. Werner's Chapel. The Crucified Child of the Rhine. With an Engraving. In a fancy cover. Price 2d.

Victory to Jesus Christ: a Missionary Story. With an Engraving. In a fancy cover. Price 2d.

The Indian Babes in the Wood. With an Engraving. In a fancy cover. Price 2d.

"I am so Happy!" With an Engraving. In a fancy cover, 2d.

The Image Worshipper Converted. With an Engraving. In a fancy cover. Price 2d.

The Little Dumb Boy. An Irish Story. With an Engraving. In a fancy cover. Price 2d.

The Infant's Prayer. With an Engraving. In a fancy cover. Price 2d.

The Brother's Sacrifice. A French Story. With an Engraving. In a fancy cover. Price 2d.

By Elizabeth Maria Lloyd.

We Are Seven; or, the Little Mourner Comforted. Third Edition, 6d.; or cloth lettered, 1s.

" The Author has made Wordsworth's beautiful poem the groundwork of a narrative for communicating evangelical truth, and it is written in so pleasing a style, that we think it cannot fail to interest and be useful to the young."—Teacher's Offering.

Sanctification the Believers' Privilege. Second Edition, price 2d.

Thirza; or, the Attractive Power of the Cross. Translated from the German. Eighth Edition, 6d; or cloth lettered. 1s.

Seligmann and Nathan. Two Authentic Narratives. Translated from the German by Sophia Lloyd. Second Edition, l8mo., 6d.; or cloth lettered. 1s.

Light at Evening Time. By a Sunday School Teacher. Second Edition, price 4d.

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Translated from the German by. Mrs. Clarke.

Anna, the Leech-vender; a Narrative of Filial Love. By O. Glaubrecht. With Engravings. Third Edition. 18mo., cloth, 1s.

"This is as pretty a tale, without any romance, as we can well meet with. The heroine is living now; a simple, pious, devoted daughter of worthy parents; the character of the old man is beautifully drawn."—Christian Ladies' Magazine.

"An authentic Narrative after the true German fashion, replete with thrilling incidents, illustrative of the salutary effects of Christian principle upon a whole family. It contains warnings for the careless, encouragements for the thoughtful, and consolation for the afflicted."—Sunday School Teachers' Magazine.

The Christian House-Tablet; an Exposition of the Scriptural Rule for Domestic Life. By the Rev. T. Passavant. Price 6d, or in cloth, 1s.

The Kingdom of Heaven among Children; or Twenty-five narratives of a Religious "Awakening in a School in Pomerania. 18mo., cloth, price 1s.

Christmas Eve at Dusselthal. Price 2d.

Passages from Letters, by a Clergyman, on Jewish, Prophetical, and other Scriptural subjects. In 18mo., cloth lettered, price 1s. 6d.

Some years ago, a small volume, entitled "Select Passages from the Sermons and Conversations of a Clergyman," found a ready welcome in a large circle of Christian friends; from the unabated esteem still entertained for the writer, the Rev. William Marsh, D.D., of Leamington, it is presumed that the present, though a less pretending work, may not prove unacceptable. With his kind permission, therefore, it appears.

Second Edition, with New and Original Details.

The Apostolical Christians, and Catholics of Germany; A Narrative of the present Movement in the Roman Catholic Church. Edited by H. Smith. Esq. With a Recommendatory Preface, by the Rev. W. Goode, M.A., F.S.A., Rector of St. Antholin. Foolscap 8vo. Cloth, 3s. 6d.

"Is decidedly the best collected narrative which has hitherto appeared on the subject."—Continental Echo.

The Great Contrast; or, the Parable of the Wheat and Tares unfolded. By the Rev. R. J. Rowton, M.A., Curate of Wendover. Price 3d.

Paraphrase on the Lord's Prayer. By the Rev. C. F. S. Money, B. A., Incumbent of St. John's, Derby. Price 3d.

Grounds for Communion with the Church of England. Price 1d.

Bible Searchings. Price 1d.

Susan Smith, the Ferryman's Daughter: by Eliza Leslie. Price 4d.

A Catechism for Young Children, with Scripture Proofs. 2d.

Oberlin, the Good Pastor of Ban de la Roche. 6d., or cloth. 1s.

The Mutual Forget-me-not of Christ and the Believer. Sixth Edition. Price 4d.

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Published for the Church of England Sunday School Institute, and sold by B. Wertheim.

The Catechism of the Church of England. 4s. per 100.

The Collects for Sundays and Holydays throughout the Year. 5s. 4d. per 100.

Five Lectures Delivered to the Members of the Church of England Sunday School Institute during the year 1844.

By the Revs. J. Harding, E. D. Legh, E. Pizey, C. F. Childe, W. W. Champneys. Price 1s.

The Class Register, for Sunday Schools, Price 6d.; cloth, 8s. per dozen; stiff covers, 5s. per dozen.

The Liturgy for Church Sunday School. 7s. 6d. per 100.

Roll Book and Journal. Fcp. 6s., quarto 5s., half bound.

Admission Book. Fcp. 5s., quarto 4s., half bound.

Hymns and Collects, for Teachers' Meetings. 4s. per doz.

Watts' First Catechism. 5s. 4d. per 100.

Examples and Precepts, in Lessons for Schools. 3d.

Parting Words to a Little Flock. Second Edition. 2d.

Giuseppe, the Italian Boy. By the Author of "The German Shoemaker." With Engravings. Price 6d., or cloth lettered. 1s.

The German Shoemaker and his Family; or, the Blessings of Industry. By Margaret Fison. Price 4d., in stiff cover.

In a neat wrapper, price 6d. per Packet.

Illustrated Reward Cards for Schools. First and Second Series. In a neat wrapper, price 6d. per Packet, each Series.

A deep and increasing sense of the importance of imprinting on the minds of children the facts, doctrines, and commands of Holy Scripture; long experience of the value of a well-regulated system of "rewards" in training children, in schools for infants, and the poor especially; and the want of any Cards really adapted to these objects, were the inducements for preparing these Series. Each Card is complete in itself; containing, first, the Word of God on the subject—its exposition in the verses—its application to the individual conscience by means of the Questions—and all rendered more lively and impressive by the Illustration to the eye.

Sunday-School Scripture Attendance Tickets, in a Packet containing Twelve Dozen Texts. Price 6d.

Anatomico-Theology, consisting of 186 Skeletons of Sermons, especially adapted to assist in the Composition of Discourses for the Pulpit. By the Rev. T. B. Baker, M.A., Minister of Woburn Chapel, 8vo., 10s. 6d.

Christ, the Man of Sorrows. 12mo., 5s. 6d.

The Godhead and Worship of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. 1s.

The Return of Jesus Christ to our Earth, with its attendant Events; Five Lectures preached at Trinity Episcopal Chapel, Cannon Street Road, during the Season of Advent, A.D. 1843, by the Rev. A. B. Evans, Minister. Price 1s.

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Original Maxims for the Young. By J. C. Lavater. Translated from the German, by the Daughter of a Clergyman. Price 1s.

The Autobiography of Thomas Platter, a School-master of the 16th Century. Translated from the German. By Mrs. Finn. Second Edition, 6d.; or cloth, 1s., with Fac Simile Engravings.

Contents.—Thomas becomes a Goatherd-Becomes a Travelling Scholar—Begins to Study—Becomes a Ropemaker and Hebrew Professor—Becomes Armour-Bearer and then Schoolmaster—In the War in Basle—Turns Printer—Becomes Professor again, and dies.

"It is a small book with wood-cuts as antique as the subject and style; we certainly count it one of the most choice and genuine curiosities of literature."—Christian Lady's Magazine.

Juliet, a Memorial of a Little Girl. 3d.

Memoir of Maria * * *, a converted Jewess. Sixth Edition, 18mo., cloth, 1s.

The Class Forfeit-Book, for Sunday Schools. Price 6d.

The Penitential Psalms, from Bishop Horne. 32mo., price 6d.

A Learned Discourse of Justification by Works, and How the Foundation of Faith is overthrown. A Learned Sermon of the Nature of Pride. By Richard Hooker. 32mo., 6d.

Lucie, the Swiss Cottager. A Tale. By Mrs. McGregor, Author of "Little Mary," &c. Price 6d., or, cloth lettered, 1s.

An Original Hebrew Chant, as sung by the Hebrew Children at Exeter Hall, on the Anniversary of the Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews. Noted and arranged by a Lady. 1s.

Perils at Sea. The late wonderful escape of the "Great Western" Steam-ship, compared with the shipwreck of St. Paul, with reflections. By the Rev. C. Hebert, M.A., Vicar of Lechlade. Price 6d.

The Christian Lyre; a Selection of Religious and Moral Poetry. Royal 32mo. cloth, price 1s. 6d.; or morocco, 3s. 6d.

This little work, which has been compiled with much care, consists chiefly of poetry not the most generally known, but calculated at once to interest and improve the mind.

Alice Cunninghame; or, The Christian as Daughter, Sister, Friend, and Wife. A Tale of the Nineteenth Century. By Emma Jane. 8vo., price 5s. cloth.

Tracts for Churchmen. Vol. I., cloth, 2s. 6d.

Thanksgiving, a Sunday School Hymn, with Music. 2d.

Examples and Precepts, In Lessons for Children. Genesis. Price 3d.

The National Fast. Shall I Keep the Fast day? And how? Price 1d.

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