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The New Zealand Evangelist

British and Foreign Bible Society.—New Zealand.—

British and Foreign Bible Society.—New Zealand.—

In the Report of the Society for last year, it is said, for New Zealand, the printing of the Pentateuch (in Maori) with the Book of Joshua, and the Book of Psalms has been completed. Mr. Telford who edited the Pentateuch, returned immediately on finishing the work to New Zealand, taking with him 300 copies. There have been placed at the disposal of the Church Missionary Society 5,000 Pentateuchs.

The Wesleyan Missionary Society have been supplied with the entire edition of 20,000 copies of the New Zealand (Maori) Psalms, the cost of which will be reimbursed to the Society.

After inserting a gratifying communication from page 427 Archdeacon Williams, and noticing the formation of our auxillary here in Wellington, and quoting a portion of the Rev. S. Ironside's letter communicating that intelligence, and a portion of a letter from another quarter. The Report says, “Two grants have been made to the Wesleyan Missionary Society, one of 1,900 copies of the English Scriptures, to be apportioned to 19 different stations, which are named, at the rate of 100 copies for each station.

By way of apology for the largeness of the request, the applicants remark “the vastness of the field of labours occupied in New Zealand, among Natives and Europeans, will account for the request being to so large an amount.”

The second grant is of 400 copies placed in charge of Mr. Reed, going out to superintend the Normal Training Schools, in connection with the Wesleyan Missionary Society.