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The New Zealand Evangelist

Beautiful Answer.—

Beautiful Answer.—

A friend of ours, while dressing a very young child, a few days ago, said, in rather an impatient tone, “You are such a lump of a shape, it is impossible to make anything fit you.” The lips of the child quivered, and looking up, it said, in a deprecating tone, “God made me.” Our friend was rebuked, and the little “lump” was kissed a dozen times—“God made me.” Had the wise men of the world pondered on a fitting answer to such a careless remark for a century, they could not have found a better than flowed naturally and spontaneously from the wounded heart of the child. “God made me, mother—it is not my fault that I am what you thus seem not to like, such a ‘little lump'”—“God made me!” Blessings on thy innocent heart, sweet child—“of such are the kingdom of heaven.”