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The New Zealand Evangelist

Temptation Resisted.—

Temptation Resisted.

An American Indian, was cwnhoo e giving an account of his feelings to some of the Ministers who had been instructing him,said that on one occasion, having got some money, he was tempted on his way home to stopt at a tavern, and buy some rum, “But,” said he, pointing to his breast, “But,” said he, pointing to his breast, “I have a good boy and a bad boy here. The good boy says, John, don't you stop there. The bad boy says, Poh! John, never mind. You know you used to love a good dram. The good boy says, No, John; you know what a fool you used to make of yourself when you took such things before. Have you forgot how drunk you got last time you went in there? Why would you do so again? Dont't, John, don't! When I came close to the tavern, the bad boy said, Come, John, take one dram—that won't hurt you. The good boy says, No, John, if you take one dram, then you will take another. So I did not know what to do; and landlord man, he stood and asked me to go in. The good boy said, Run, John, run, as hard as you can. So I ran away, and be sure I felt very glad.