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The New Zealand Evangelist

Colonial Missions.—

Colonial Missions.

Dr. Clark read the report on Colonial Missions. It stated that, during no year since the commencement of their labours had they been enabled to appoint so great a number of Ministers and Missionaries as during the one that had past. Since their last report the Committee had been enabled to send ont to different parts of the colonies six Ministers, two Missionaries, and two Schoolmasters. Former applications were urged with increasing anxiety, and new ones made from time to time; but the Committee could not find Ministers or Missionaries to answer them. There were vacancies to be supplied at Halifax, Newfoundland, Jamaica, British Guiana, Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon, and in various places in Canada, page 210 Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward's Island, in many of which a competent provision was offered for the support of Ministers, and the Committee were pledged to supplement some of them for a time, But the Committee felt the want of Ministers and Missionaries to supply them, to be the greatest evil with which they have to contend. A very favourable report had been received from Queen's College, Canada. There had been a considerable increase of students during the last session; twenty-eight had matriculated, fifteen of whom, including Divinity Students, were studying for the Ministry. The number attending the preparatory School was fifty two, making in all eighty who were receiving instruction in connection with the College. From Grenada, Buenos Ayres, Vancouver's Island, Ceylon, and the Cape of Good Hope, the accounts generally were of a satisfactory character. The income of the Committee during the past year had amounted to £3,090 Os. 4d., which, as compared with the preceeding year, exhibited a diminution of £1,203 15s. 5d.; but as there were two collections for the Colonial scheme in that year, it was most proper to compare the income of last year with that of 1847, in which there was only one collection, and as compared with that year there was a decrease of only £298 8s. 5d.