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The New Zealand Evangelist

Free Church Missionary Society.—

Free Church Missionary Society.

On Monday evening last week, the annual meeting of the friends of this society was held in Exeter Hall,—the Hon. F. Maule, M.P., in the chair. The annual Report of the Committee, after adverting to the flourishing state of the home establishment of the society, its 500 schools, besides Normal schools and Colleges, proceeded to detail the operations of the missionaries in North America, New South Wales, and New Zealand. The efforts of the Society had been, during the past year, extended to many of the Mediterranean stations, and to the Continent of Europe, where it was aided by the already existing Missionary Society; and, since the last meeting, upwards of £2000 had been forwarded for the relief of the persecuted brethren in the Canton de Vaud. A report of one of their missionaries also stated, the first non-conforming church ever established in Italy, was opened in April last. France, too, was begining to occupy their attention, and a Church separate from the State already existed there. Towards the six Missionary Schemes of the Free Church there was raised during the past year the sum of £56,000, whilst the sum raised for the missions and other Christion objects connected with them, was £63,000. This Report was received and adopted, and Mr. F. Maule then left the meeting in consequence of pressing engagements, leaving the Hon. A Kinnaird to occupy the chair. Several clergymen and gentlemen then addressed the meeting in behalf of resolutions in support of the principles of the Society. The meeting, which was a numerous one, separated after thanking the chairman.