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The New Zealand Evangelist

Reformed Presbyterian Church

Reformed Presbyterian Church.

The Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church met in Glasgow on the 7th May. The Rev. Dr. Symington of Paisley was elected Moderator. Dr. W. Symington, of Glasgow, presented the report of the committee on Jewish Missions. It referred to the favourable state in which the missions generally were, especially on the continent of Europe. Dr. Cumingham the Synod's Missionary to the Jews in London, addressed the Synod on the state of the Jews in the Metropolis, and detailed some of his labours among them. Dr. Bates read a report of their missions in New Zealand and Canada. The Synod was addressed by the Rev. Professor La Harpe of Geneva. As it had been in Scotland their society had received most sympathy, he delivered his message, he said, with confidence. It was unanamously agreed that a collection should be made in all the congregations of the Synod to assist in diffusing the gospel on the Continent. The Rev. Mr. Sims, of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland also addressed the Synod; he stated the difficulties to be encountered in maintaining the pure gospel in Ireland, and urged the duty of supporting a mission to the native Irish, which was favourably responded to.