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The New Zealand Evangelist

Local Intelligence. Wellington

page 213

Local Intelligence. Wellington.

Tea Meetings.

Congregational Chapel.—On the Evening of Wednesday, Oct. 31, a public Tea Meeting was held in the Congregational Chapel, Kumutoto. The Meeting was numerously and respectably attended, and passed off with great life and spirit. An excellent choir of musicians were present, and a variety of pieces of sacred music were sung with spirit and effect. Interesting and instructive addresses were delivered by the Chairman, Mr. Woodward, and the ministers present, on some of the distinguishing phases of Christianity in the present day—its active, intellectual, and progressive character,—and the duty of christians and christian communities, in relation to the characteristics of the age.

Primitive Methodist Chapel.

A public Tea Meeting was held in this Chapel on the Evening of Monday the 5th Nov. The Chapel was filled to overflowing. After tea, several interesting addresses were delivered by the pastor, Mr. Green, and other members of the Evangelical Alliance, on the Associations of religion with the pure and rational enjoyments of the present life—the tendency of religion to elevate and invigorate the faculties of the mind—and the effects of religion upon the moral feelings, and upon the present and future happiness of mankind. All present, especially the younger portion of the meeting, seemed greatly delighted, and we hope benefitted. We regard such meetings as well calculated to preserve the young from the many temptations to dissipation, and to doubtful if not immoral amusements presented by returning holidays.

Total Abstinence Society.

During the past month public meetings were held at Karori, Johnsonville, and the Hutt, which were addressed by the Rev. Messrs. Inglis and Green, and other speakers. In consequence of these addresses, upwards of 30 members, adult and juvenile, have been added to the Society.